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Get Smart offers innovative film/ media production and analysis workshops for school children in London.  Get Smart - the ultimate Creative Curriculum.

Our ethos:


Our workshops can be provided as a half term programme of work or as a stand alone workshop.

  • Filmmaking
  • Animation
  • Art / Digital Art
  • Photography
  • Digital Imaging
  • E Publishing

Get Smart’s multimedia workshops bring the ultimate creative curriculum straight to your classroom.  Ancient Rome, the Tudors, World War 2, the World Cup,  you name it – whatever you’re covering we’ve got it covered with our variety of film, media and creative workshops.  And we don’t just have it covered; we offer cutting edge, innovative workshops that are guaranteed to engage and extend all of your students.

Through our resources children can use green screen technology to ‘transport’ themselves anywhere in the world or any point in history.  They could make a documentary on rainforest animals and present it ‘from the Amazon’, or ‘sit among the serfs on the banks of the Nile’ to tell us about Ancient Egypt!  With our special FX package they can make dinosaurs walk through your school playground in their very own fantasy film.  Children could make an e-book or a comic book about Mini Beasts, a numeracy topic or their own original narrative; they can learn digital art, photography and Photoshop (the most popular photo editing tool among professionals in the industry).

As we focus on skills transference and critical thinking, the children learn to combine all these programmes to create their own super project.  They can drop different pieces of work into an interactive presentation that they can narrate, move videos, images and text around, use laser guided direction and more– think Tom Cruise in Minority Report! – then present it all to the class that very day on the Interactive White Board!

The workshops will be tailor made to suit the individual needs of your class’s scheme of work, and will always provide your students with an exciting lesson and rigorous learning.  If you are stuck for inspiration, we have ideas galore – simply let us know what you would like.  Whether it’s literacy, topic based or a one-off project, we will deliver a learning experience that will have you recommending us to every other teacher you know. 
Get Smart offers a suite of half day, full day, two day and half term project packages.  The packages cover the ICT curriculum as well as all other curricular areas.

All workshops include the use of 10 iPad Generation 4s - also included is the use of a green screen (so children can transport themselves anywhere in the world or to any era in history), tripods, headphones, microphones, clapperboards and more.

Get Smart's Make a TV Ad Workshop

This TV ad for Hillbrook Primary School was produced by two Year 6 students during a one and a half day workshop.

The children learned about advertising theory, discussed advertising techniques and compared and contrasted TV ads since 1955.

They learned different structures used in ads, they learned how to plan for TV, how to storyboard, create a shots list, use a camera, tripod and how to edit!

It was a fun filled, education packed workshop that was equally appreciated by the class teacher and the students.


Get Smart's Stop Motion Animation Workshop

In this one day workshop, (Year 5) children explored themes of community and our local environment through the medium of stop motion animation. The children wrote and storyboarded their story, created their resources, shot their movie as a series of photographs, edited the video and added music and sound FX in just one day!

They had great fun and the results were outstanding!


Fantasy Fiction Writing Workshop

During this exciting workshop the children learn key camera skills, editing skills, special FX and of course visual script writing. 

This serves as the perfect catalyst for unlimited literacy work - narrative writing, recount writing, instruction writing, adjectives, adverbs, setting description, WOW words...the list is endless!


Introduction to Camera Work - Reception - Speaking and Listening

In this workshop children practice many key skills:

Speaking and Listening - class discussion and paired work - the children discuss questions they would ask Baboon if they could meet him; the interviews (particularly the follow-up questions) provide an excellent opportunity for high quality speaking and listening development.

Reading - children discuss and analyse the film 'Baboon on the Moon'

ICT - the children learn how to hold an iPad as a video camera, how to press record, how to focus the camera on what they are recording and how to stop recording.

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