Laser Station

Telephone: 0121 328 1235

Laser Station provides a new approach to an old favourite. Their aim is to bring laser games out from the back streets and into the forefront of high quality leisure destinations. They boast a team dedicated to your enjoyment of futuristic gaming and provide the perfect destination for a rewarding school outing for active pupils. And remember, with Laser Station, you don’t just play this game, you’re in it!


Come and fight to save the galaxy at Laser Station as you take on beings from another planet. Laser Station is wholesome, exciting fun aimed at children and families and perfect for large and small parties everywhere. Laser Station specialises in group events and provides an excellent activity for team building events with an experience that is challenging, rewarding and above all, fun! Laser Station is all about a better way of playing – up to date for the 21st Century!

They incorporate all the latest technology, sourced from the farthest reaches of the Universe, to bring YOU the very best laser light gaming experience possible. Laser Station is a unique gaming experience for the 21st Century. Not in a converted warehouse in some back street

location, but in the most modern futuristic and safe environment. If you are looking for the ultimate fun activity for a group of pupils or teachers Laser Station GUARANTEE you a time you'll remember.

Imagine this…One of our patrol ships has mysteriously disappeared in sector 12. Our long range scanners indicate alien activity. Calling all Space Rangers, report immediately to Laser

Station mission control where they will enter our top secret facility. After blasting off on the Laser Station Shuttle armed with the very latest body packs and lasers, they will be briefed on the strange alien transmissions. Search the sector lock-on to the frequency and find the alien craft.

You and your pupils have been selected to join in this quest. Only they can save the galaxy from destruction. Will they be ready to accept the challenge and fight the enemy in this superb, state of the art gaming zone? Aliens are waiting around every corner, ready to zap you. Your adrenaline will be pumping, your heart will be pounding as you battle your way through the ultimate Laser game experience. You have been warned! Your Galaxy Needs You!

Also available - Twin Peaks Indoor Climbing Centre for a challenging, healthy and confidence building activity. See the Adventure Activities for more details.


Key information

  • All equipment provided
  • Large groups catered for
  • State of the art modern facilities
  • Full insurance and safety checked
  • Risk Assessment available
  • Twin Peaks Indoor Climbing Centre combined activities also available. See the Adventure Activities section for more details 

Additional Information

Address: Laser Station, Unit 27 Star City, Watson Road, Birmingham B7 5SA
Telephone: 0121 328 1235
Listed in the following categories: * Sport and Recreation
* School Visits
The area/s in which this provider is available are:West Midlands

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