In February 2006 SparkleBox was launched as a means of sharing useful downloadable resources with teachers around the world.

Since then the site has grown from a handful of products to many thousands, but the fundamental aim of sharing resources remains.  Every resource on the site is FREE to download - no payment required.

We hope you enjoy looking around and find some useful products.


They can provide resources for a vast range of subjects and topics, like:

- Literacy

- Maths

- Science


- Geography

- History

- Design and Technology

- Religious Education

- Art and craft

- Languages

- Other subjects and themes

- Classroom Management


The safety of our visitors is taken very seriously at SparkleBox.  Not only do we provide excellent service, for free, but you can be assured of a safe and risk-free browsing experience when using our site.  Here’s how...


Family-safe content

Our website content, whilst aimed at adults, is safe for any age to view.  We carefully screen our advertisements (using Google’s ‘Adsense’ technology) to ensure that they are all family-safe.

No spyware or viruses

The site and resources are completely virus free.  We have extremely thorough virus scanning technology installed on our servers which ensures it is safe and risk-free to download our products and software.  Your privacy is assured.

Additional Information

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