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'Teaching Ideas' is mainly intended for teachers who teach primary-age children (i.e. ages 5 to 11). Although it has been designed with UK teachers in mind, all ideas can of course be used by teachers around the world.

The ideas, activities and worksheets are organised according to a number of subjects (those covered in the English National Curriculum). The "Early Years" section contains ideas for use with children aged 5 or below, and the "Foreign Languages" area has resources for those teachers who wish to teach a different language to their children.


What age range do the Teaching Ideas sites cover?


Each activity on this site falls into one of three age ranges:

Suitable for all children in the primary school,
Suitable for younger primary children,
Suitable for older primary children,
Suitable for secondary children,
Suitable for early years children.


These age ranges are only there to give guidance. The level of many activities on the site can be altered according to the level of ability of the children in your class. Teachers should make sure that the activities are appropriate for their class.

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