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Over 360 schools have now hosted workshops as Cairo Comes To School enters its 13th year. Equity and NUT member Hazel King has 18 years experience of Egyptian Dance. Booking an experienced Drummer as well makes the day really memorable. Fellow teachers constantly express surprise and delight at the response and achievement of their pupils including those with special needs.


‘’The children had a wonderful day and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. It brought our topic on Egypt to life.’’ Year 5 Class Teacher, Highwood Community School

“I loved learning how Ancient Egyptians danced and made music. The best part was doing the camel dance move… at the beginning I was really nervous but afterwards I thought it was amazing… it’s like a trip coming to us!” Pupils’ comments

And one more from their teacher: “They loved it – even the tough guys in Year 6!”


The session starts with a 30 minute talk on dance in Egypt (and the Drummer presents a range of Ancient Egyptian instruments).

There follows a 30 minute workshop for each half of the class. The others remain with the Class Teacher and a dance worksheet - or else are in a Percussion workshop if the Drummer is requested. 80% of Schools are now booking the Drummer as well.

For the final 30 minutes another Year Group can attend The Show in which the Instructors and all the pupils perform.

Some schools decide to make it an ‘Egyptian Costume Day’, but most simply opt to use our hats and scarves for pupils to feel the part! Hand drums are also provided.


Sample prices:

£100 & £20 travel cost for 1 class (2hrs) Dancer only; £290 & £20 travel cost for 2 or 3 classes (4hrs) Dancer & Drummer (for 4-6 classes see website).

Key information

  • Key Stages 1-3
  • Another Year Group as audience
  • Equity & NUT member & insurance
  • CRB checked 

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Telephone: 020 8806 9130
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