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Are you on a PTA or another committee where it’s you and six others that end up doing all the work? Would you like to put on an event, that is fun, exciting, and different and where all the leg work is done for you? Most importantly would you like to make some decent money for your current school fundraising project? Then look no further as Simon from Amigos Magic has created dynamic family magic shows to turn incredible family fun into hundreds or even thousands of pounds for your next fundraiser and best of all it won’t cost you anything!


“As a Chair of the School PTA for Virgo Fidelis Preparatory School, we have used Amigo’s Magic on a number of occasions. The events have always been successful, fun, interactive, enjoyable and well attended. The feedback from parents and students is always positive. I would highly recommend Simon (Amigo’s Magic) to other PTA’s or fundraising events – you will not be disappointed.” Tony Barnaby, Virgo Fidelis Preparatory School

You’ll know you made the correct decision to include the Family Comedy Magic Show as part of your fund-raising plans when you hear the laughter and see the smiles on the faces of your audience. And you’ll be stunned as you count just how much money you raise for your school from this incredibly fun and e-a-s-y event. This is a practically self-working program for you as Amigos Magic will supply everything you need to make the event a success including, Posters, Flyers, Tickets, Announcements, Magic Kit, World Class Family Entertainment and a free report on additional ways to make money with the show!


“My Children really enjoyed your school disco (and rate it as the best one yet) hope your diary is not yet filled as I want to book you for the Spring Disco.”Secretary, Notre Dame Catholic Primary School

Discos – Have you ever put on a school disco that didn’t quite hit the mark? Simon has a unique way of getting everyone up and dancing (even if they don’t realise it) by getting them all involved with his balloon stamping game, where they all run around stamping on each others balloons. He then gets their coordination going with Spinning Plates which is followed by dance competitions, the Conga, the world famous rubbish game (you have to see it to believe it) and the recycling game. This is followed by the Limbo and other great songs. The reason Simon’s Discos are such a big hit is that everyone is involved from start to finish and by involving everyone no one gets left out and everyone has a great time.

Simon also offers one or two hour magic show packages for School Fetes and Fairs. The one hour show starts with an interactive 45 minute magic show with plenty of pantomime style audience participation. For the two hour show Simon does an hour of magic and then teaches the children Plate Spinning, plate passing and plate jumping which they will remember for years to come. This is followed by interactive games, balloon races, magic circles, and other old favourites. Both parties finish with Simon making balloon models for the children; anything from swords, dogs, swans, etc. Parties can also incorporate a Mini Disco.

Key information

  • Proven fundraising Potential
  • Suitable for all Key Stages
  • CRB clearance
  • Full Public Liability
  • Accommodate small or large groups

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Address: 70 Whetstone Lane
Telephone: 1512007422
Mobile: 1512007422
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