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Diana Grace-Jones delivers storytelling and english workshops in primary schools where she specialises in exploring myths, legends, folk tales and Shakespeare. Children love these age-old stories which come alive through Diana’s unique StoryACTION sessions. StoryACTION involves a mix of storytelling and dramatic improvisation and helps pupils evolve ideas for plots and provides the spark for creative writing; it will enliven a Book Week or stimulate a Literacy Hour.




The Primary Works offer primary schools educational enhancement services for science learning, (english workshops for school) creative enquiry and creative writing. Established by Jonathan Forgham, a primary school teacher for 30 years, the company boasts a wealth of experience and educational know how. Offering in service teacher CPD as well as live science shows in schools and theatres, The Primary Works is a model for quality educational enhancement services.

Creative Writing: this programme can offer schools the opportunity to spend a whole day looking at a variety of creative writing techniques, developing ICT skills covering both poetry and fiction.


Jenny Connatty is the Queen of Stories and uses her skills as a storyteller to revive the fascination for the simple fairy tale and the oral traditions of storytelling. Her costume and regal title captivate young audiences when she enters the classroom and her clear authoritative presence captures the children’s attention quickly and beguiles them with beautifully performed fairy tales. The Queen comes from the 'Palace of imaginings' and the younger children relate to her as they do to Father Christmas while the older ones can enjoy sharing the Queen's secret: Jenny is an actress, performing stories, and training others to tell them and her authenticity and the theatricality of her costume carries the audience along. Her English workshops for schools are based around her passion for storytelling and the use of language through dramatic interpretation.


Don Newton has worked in West Country Schools as a teller of traditional tales and poetry, a puppeteer and craft worker, since 1987. Working predominantly in the primary/pre school sector he adapts his stories and workshops to each age group, convinced that all learning begins with Creative Play, where children can extend horizons; learn to take risks and imagine solutions to problems but without real life consequences.

Story Telling Performance & Workshops – emphasises that telling a story is ‘painting pictures with words’ and explains how all storytellers use the six magic words to create their tales - WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, WHY AND WHO. The children, working in small groups use chance-picked objects from a ‘magic bag’ to create their own tales and recount them.


Storytelling is as ancient as language itself. Transcending age, race and culture, it goes right to the heart of human experience. Sharon Jacksties has been a professional storyteller in schools for 20 years. Her material is drawn from the vast oral repertoire of many cultures, reflecting the shared interests expressed within diverse traditions. 

Her practice with young people is informed by over a decade of working with the Unicorn Children’s Theatre. Collaborations with musicians, dancers and visual artists have ensured a versatile approach to performances, English workshops and residencies in schools. These can be devised to cover particular themes and topics, to relate to specific projects or aspects of the National Curriculum .



Are you looking for a memorable Book Week activity or other English workshop for your school? Do you have a theme to explore? Or do you simply want to stimulate your pupils’ creative writing or listening skills? The Whole Story use storytelling, practical activities, workshops and INSETs to animate reading and writing, encourage engagement with literacy and inspire a love of words. With over 10 years experience in museums and schools The Whole Story’s projects are energetic, fun and highly participatory and can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities.

Creating stories and storytelling to stimulate, expand and support imaginations. The Whole Story’s activities are designed to be fun and interactive learning opportunities that motivate a love of creativity, expression and working with others.

The Whole Story have lots of ideas to bring colour and energy to literacy and language. Their workshops can cover particular themes and topics, relate to specific projects or aspects of the National Curriculum.

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