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As the Elsium Team consists of fully qualified and experienced teachers we have a vast amount of experience of working directly with students on projects across a range of curriculum areas from creating iPad bands to producing learning podcasts, building e-portfolios to recording reflective logs, to name a few.

Why not let your students become involved in engaging projects and see how mobile learning devices can create excitement for learning.

These workshops are designed to give students hands-on experience of working with iPad in a fun and interactive way, learners will be motivated to build on their knowledge , developing key skills in areas such as working collaboratively and developing independent learning.

In an afternoon or morning students can explore the creative world of playing as part of band, rocking out with distorted guitars and crashing cymbals.

Learners could shape and mould their understanding of an historic era such as the Romans or Tudors in a stop-motion animation.

Learning with iPad Roadshow

There are range of student workshops Elsium can deliver:

Stop-Motion Animations
This workshop will focus on a key curriculum area, demonstrating how using technology, learners have a unique outlet and opportunity for presenting information in a creative and innovative way

The session will begin with creating stop-motion animations using a range of materials such as play-dough and lego. Through animations learners are given a unique and engaging way to interact with their own learning and demonstrate knowledge in creative way.

iPad Band
This session is aimed at enabling learners to develop a range of key skills that are guaranteed to create excitement and motivation for learning.

Students will learn what its like to play as part of real band, develop important listening skills and collaborate effectively with peers.

The inclusive nature of this project will promote engagement across all students at any level as learners are able to quickly and easily become a key part of the project.

Creating e-Portfolios/iBooks
This workshop will focus on a key curriculum area and provide a unique outlet for learners to present information in a creative and innovative way.

Learners will engage in a range of activities to collect, analysis, store and present information through creating an interactive iBook.

Using videos, images, annotations, text and voice overs learners are guaranteed to get excited about finding new information and evidence their learning in an individually creative way.

With the introduction of the new Computing curriculum from September 2014 this session provides learners with an introductory view to the knowledge and skills they can look forward to building across the year.

With exciting new concepts to understanding students will take the first look at areas such as sequencing, problem solving and the basics of programming in a fun and interactive way.

Through interactive games, simple activities and collaborative projects learners will get a head start on the Computing curriculum, developing key computational thinking skills in an engaging and motivating way.


"David has played a crucial role in the successful implementation of our iPads for Learning scheme. He worked with us throughout the planning process and now continues to provide advice and support from a leadership and curriculum development perspective. The feedback from all curriculum areas on his subject specific training has been very positive, even from areas that were initially skeptical! His work is extremely effective because of his understanding of learning. This was the key element in us choosing a partner to work with. As a result of this, he quickly gained the respect of our staff resulting in highly effective training to ensure existing skills were further developed. He brings a wealth of knowledge, creative solutions and practical examples to his sessions and his enthusiasm has really motivated our staff."

- Ilkley Grammar School, Deputy Headteacher, Adam Daly

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Telephone: 01302 796771
The area/s in which this provider is available are:North of England, North West, Yorkshire

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