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Mime, silent clown and physical theatre workshops by Richard Jones, international mime with over twenty years of experience.

Workshops are tailored to fit to the educational needs of your pupils, we can work on improving confidence and basic theatre disciplines, hone specific and tricky mime skills or even work in depth on commedia dell'arte with sixth formers.

Participants will gain greater knowledge of a whole plethora of important skills, including improvisation, concentration, timing, exploring character, impulse and many more.


Experience Electric Cabaret's Workshop Adventures in Mime, Clown and Physical Theatre.

Workshops are available to theatre companies, youth theatre groups, schools (all key stages), centres for further/higher education and drama schools, and can be tailored to meet specific requirements and levels of understanding.

Mime Workshop

Electric Cabaret's Mime Workshop is an immersive experience. Aimed at giving greater understanding of ones own physicality, the power of non verbal communication is essential for the evolving actor.

As non verbal physical communication (Mime) underpins all communication we aim to share our investigations and findings.

The mime workshop is an ideal opportunity to explore the frontiers of ones physical potential. The mime workshops are fun, inclusive and rewarding.

Participants in the mime workshop will gain:

  • An understanding of the basic disciplines and techniques of mime.
  • An insight into their own natural movement style and how to control it.
  • The mime workshop will give an improved understanding of non verbal communication and how it can be applied to other art forms or situations.
  • Experience from active participation in improvising and devising.
  • Experience Working in Silence.

The workshop will be tailored to understanding of the group.

The mime workshop will give plenty of opportunity to practice, create, show and tell. Performing and watching devised performance pieces generated from the group during the mime workshop or by demonstrations by the workshop leader.

Physical Theatre Workshop

Electric Cabaret's physical theatre workshops offer broad insights into working from the physical. Participants in the physical theatre workshops will gain:

  • An insight into exploring their own natural movement style and how it can be applied in performance.
  • Improved understanding of physical ensemble work and how it can be applied to other art forms or situations.
  • An understanding of the basic disciplines and techniques of physical theatre.
  • Experience from active participation in improvising and devising from a physical theatre context.

Performing and watching devised performance pieces generated from the group during the workshop or demonstrations by the workshop leader. 

Silent Clown Workshop

Electric Cabaret's Silent Clown workshop is an exploration into clowning. The concept of clown can be interpreted in many ways and we will be asking (and hopefully answering) in the workshop, what a clown is?

How do you find your own clown?

We will also be delving into non verbal humour, silent tom foolery and surreal comedy. Participants in the silent clown workshops will gain:

  • An insight into the humble open frailty of the clown.
  • An understanding of how to access comic character through technique.
  • Get to practice the art of improvisation and exercise their sense of play.
  • Knowledge of the tricks of the trade, the importance of....  timing and other not so dark arts of the trade.

The Clown is happy to share their unique perspective even if it is to their own detriment. Our happiness is derived from being allowed to share the clowns  insights that open a pandoras box on human behaviour.

Richard has been plying the non verbal art of mime for over on to twenty years on four continents. In 2010 he won the UK National Street Theatre Champion with his mime show.

Richard has been helping coach at the London business school 


“Through his ‘Living Statues Workshop’, Richard Jones was able to keep a group of 25 potentially challenging 14 to 16 year old students completely mesmerised and engaged for two continuous hours. The workshop very effectively demonstrated the significant and overarching power of Mime and Non Verbal Communication through States of Tension, Gesture, Movement and Facial Expression. Richard launched into the session without any introduction and managed to hold the attention of his young audience for more than 45 minutes without any verbal communication whatsoever whilst achieving 100% participation and cooperation. Absolutely brilliant!”
C Fleury, Chase High School, Southend

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