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Give your children a day they will remember forever with the world of the Ancient Egyptians brought to life by a real Egyptologist with 40 years’ experience. Philip Harris brings the museum with him into your school with many artefacts up to 5000 years old. This helps the children really connect with the past.  that all children need to learn and have fun too, so my whole day is laid out below for you to see.

Children experience a day of fun, learning and understanding what life was like in the ancient world. Let us go on a journey of discovery with them, growing up in Ancient Egypt. We will interactively look at Clothing, Food, Dancing, Music, Play, Games and so much more. We even share an Egyptian Breakfast together.

Children will learn how to translate Hieroglyphics, Writing Skills, Papyrus, Inks, Scribes and the importance of how we discovered to unlock the code to this fantastic ancient writing.

Egyptian Math, explains their numerical code and together we solve problems and do sums together.

We learn about the religion, the Gods and Goddesses and their importance to daily life and the afterlife.

We cover the afterlife and mummification, what actually took place and what the Egyptians believed happened to them. There are lots of artefacts in this section too and we even have a mummy wrapping contest, to encourage the children’s teamwork.

The story of Ka and Meryt, two ordinary famous Ancient Egyptians and the discovery of their tomb.

The most famous discovery in the Valley of the Kings, that of Tutankhamun, and Howard Carter's story of what really happened during that time.

We look at the Pyramids, who they were built for and how these enormous burial places were constructed.

We look into the Valley of the Kings and why the Egyptians moved their burial site there and some of the famous Pharaohs who were buried there.

Pharaohs and Queens of Egypt, where it all began and ended with over 3,000 years of history in one day.

  • Lots of funny and amusing stories.
  • Lots of interaction whilst having fun and learning.

Teachers References are below, also on request contact details of school teachers if required.

Phillip has studied for 40 years the culture of Ancient Egypt. His knowledge and understanding has led him to want children to experience this wonderful land and its ancient inhabitants. Fully enhanced DBS and licensed.

"I have a great knowledge of Ancient Egypt having spent many years learning Egyptology, this fantastic culture and the sharing of this with pupils have proven to be a great success. Inspiring a learning curve in them that surprised even me. I have recommendations from the teachers and pupils that outline their thoughts regarding the presentations."

Helen Roulson - Teacher St Albyn School Aberdeen
"Dear Mr. Egypt
Thank you for a brilliant day the children are still talking about your visit 4 weeks later. Prior to this February week off, we had parent’s night at Albyn. I have lost count of how many parents sang your praises about how inspired their children were. A few have even booked trips to see the pyramids!"

Cloe Davies teacher Walkden School Manchester
"Dear Mr. Harris/Mr. Egypt
Words cannot explain the joy the children felt after your visit, they are inspired and wanting us to carry the project further than we planned to do. Your knowledge, stories and the artefacts were terrific, we have already planned to have you back next year for our new group of children, thanks for an amazing day."


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Telephone: 01908210027
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