The Alpaca Park

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The Alpaca Park is set in 100 acres of beautiful Devon countryside where visitors have the opportunity to observe these uniquely endearing creatures up close. The Alpaca Park is a family attraction catering for all age groups. Visitors can enjoy the two mile Alpaca Trail, a stunning riverside walk which meanders through rare Devon grasslands and wet woodlands where Mooreland ponies graze and some of the rarest Devon wildlife, flora and fauna can be seen.


The pathway leads to Badgers Rest where visitors encounter an abundance of seasonal flowers and marvel at the beautiful butterflies dipping and weaving around the bubbling stream. Look out for the Deer, Otters and Kingfishers along the trail also. There are shorter pathways which circle the home paddocks where the mums and cria (alpaca young) graze, laze or play together in their herds. Visitors often comment about the peace and tranquillity they feel while at The Alpaca Park. The Alpacas are sometimes referred to as Earth’s Dolphins because of their gentle presence and relaxing qualities.

The Alpaca Park is available for school visits on every level from pre-school to sixth formers. There are a wide range of facilities on offer and the park can always be relied upon to provide an interesting and varied scope for any of the key stages or specific study areas. For pre-school children, even a "Wellie Walk" through the woods or egg rolling can be fun and educational. A close look at the Alpacas and fleece touching is extremely popular and can be built into any visit. The team at the Alpaca Park is happy to discuss your needs and help you tailor your visit accordingly.

Their passion for the care and protection of native wildlife is paramount. You will not find any penned or caged wildlife at The Alpaca Park. They strive to strike a balance between being able to observe the rich collection of wildlife that live on and around The Park and allowing them a safe, free to roam existence. The park cannot guarantee that you will see all the many varied species to be found there but encourage visitors to record sightings or tracks seen in their Wildlife Inventory to help keep track of the population.

Devon Wildlife Trust have assessed the park and advised on the many aspects needed to provide such important habitats.  They have been extremely supportive and share the excitement of having so many different categories of grasses, flowers, butterflies, birds and mammals there especially in the Culm fields.


Key information

  • 2 Prestige Gold Awards from Devon Wildlife Trust
  • Risk Assessments available
  • Full Insurance liability
  •  On site gift shop

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Address: The Alpaca Park, Hope Farm, Bendibus Hill, Nr Ashwater, Devon EX21 5DL
Telephone: 01409 220216
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