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Schools now have the opportunity to commission their own psychological services that meet the individual needs of their students, parents and staff. EdPsychs have a proven track record providing independent psychology and consultancy services to schools. They provide an attached psychologist, an efficient, timely and reliable service delivery model allied to measureable impact and outcomes. Their website www.EdPsychs.com provides additional information about the range of services provided allied to testimonials from head teachers, parents and clients.


“Our educational psychologist is inspirational and their work really does have an impact across the whole school.” Head Teacher, London

"An invaluable resource I'd be happy to recommend." Deputy Head Teacher, London

“We have employed an EdPsychs psychologist for the past three years. During this time, they have provided the school with a range of services, from staff training through to individual pupil assessments. Their contribution has had a significant impact on our work, resulting in our statemented and school action plus children performing above national averages. We cannot recommend our psychologist's work highly enough, and would be happy to talk to other schools who may be considering using EdPsychs Ltd.” Headteacher,  London


They offer a number of service delivery models including:


Option 1: Whole school support and casework – Your school can commission an educational psychologist to work weekly, fortnightly or monthly in your school within term time and the school receives:


• The same educational psychologist throughout the academic year.

• The flexibility to make quick and easy referrals.

• Ongoing SENCo support.

• Ongoing casework (e.g. individual or group) where the psychologist can set up, assess, monitor, refine and evaluate interventions on an on-going basis.

• Support for students, teachers, parents and senior management.

• Training delivered over a number of sessions to help embed the skills in the school.


Option 2: Whole school development work – Your school can commission time to work on a specific project. Examples include:

• Raising attainment in target groups.

• Supporting Able, Gifted and Talented Students.

• Tracking and supporting social and emotional wellbeing.

• Developing whole school reward and behaviour management programmes.

• Training key staff and focus groups to be whole school specialists.


Option 3: Individual work with students – Your school can book an educational psychologist to work directly with a child. The psychologist will provide a full report within 10 working days. The report will include targeted recommendations, often linked to specific named programme and a free, one hour follow up telephone consultation on request.


Key information

  • Chartered with BPS, registered with HPC
  • Specialists in whole school development
  • Bespoke psychological interventions
  • Training, assessments, advice and support

Additional Information

Address: EdPsychs Ltd, 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
Telephone: 020 7467 1517
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The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London

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