The future of environmental guardianship is with the children of today. Merseytravel helps support schools in spreading the positive message about public transport, as well as the health benefits of walking and cycling, with a range of educational materials. If you would like to find out more, contact the Community Links Access Team on 0151 330 1200.


Promoting Sustainable Development

‘Promoting Sustainable Development’ is aimed at the 9-13 age range and has three sections. Each section focuses on the causes of global warming; ways of reducing carbon emissions and ideas to develop a smaller personal carbon footprint respectively. The pack uses photographs and local case studies to meet the new national curriculum requirements. The pack is versatile enough to teach sustainable development either as a curriculum dimension itself or within the subject areas of geography, design and technology, science or citizenship. The pack will be available from Mersey travel from September 2009.

Moving with Merseytravel

This pack contains 20 A4 colour photographs relating mainly to local transport issues. There are 60 work cards to support the photographs. The pack is flexible and can be used with children of all age groups within primary schools. The pack is written to support the geography curriculum but has the potential to be used in both Literacy and Numeracy activities.

City Travel with Merseytravel

This pack has been written to meet the requirements of the Foundation Stage curriculum for children aged 3 to 5 years. The pack has 15 colour A4 photographs. In addition 30 different work cards for children to use in the classroom or at home with their parents.

The pack promotes the notion that public transport allows people in the local community to get around and travel to different places.

Here to There Pack

The From Here to There pack contains 15 photo cards relating to promoting independence skills in the community. The pack is written tosupport young people with specific needs to access local public transport. A range of key tasks has been identified to use public transport and a step-by-step list of skills to achieve each of them has been provided.

How to Make a Bus Journey

The How to Make a Bus Journey Booklet has a series of drawings to show how to make a short bus trip. There are nine simple outline diagrams that depict the important steps that need to be taken to make a bus journey. The diagrams are very flexible and could be used to prompt speaking or writing tasks or sequencing activities. Students are encouraged to use the booklet to plan and carry out a journey in the local area by bus.

Better for Everyone Pack

The Better for everyone Pack contains 16 A4 colour photographs relating to local transport issues and services. There are 32 work cards to support the photographs. The pack is flexible and can be used to complement a scheme of work relating to Key Stage 4 Citizenship requirements. The pack is divided into four sections covering the topics; Merseytravel as an organisation, social change, rights and responsibilities and sustainable development. A booklet containing teachers' notes is provided that suggests how the pack may be used in the classroom.

Inside Merseytravel

‘Inside Merseytravel’ is a vocational educational pack supporting Business Studies and Leisure Studies for the 14 to 16 age range. It provides two case studies, a public business organisation and an important tourist attraction. Each page of the pack contains up-todate data, photographs and activities about the leisure and travel industry. The tasks and activities support students putting together a portfolio of coursework for specific examinations.

Your Choice Conference

The Your Choice Conference is a multi agency day, delivered to year six students from schools across Merseyside. The aim of the day is to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the consequences of anti-social behaviour in the community. Students learn key factual information relating to fire, road, rail, Travelsafe and personal safety and develop an understanding of the full value the emergency and public services play in our everyday life in our communities. The day complements citizenship in the national curriculum and is aimed at key stage 2/3.


Mersey Ferries operates services throughout the day from Pier Head on the hour. Schools can break their journey at Seacombe ferry terminal, to visit Spaceport, a space themed visitor attraction designed around the national curriculum. Entrance to Spaceport includes a major exhibition this year on the Apollo Moon landings. Alternatively schools can break their journey at Woodside at the “U-boat Story” where pupils can discover the secrets of a real German World War II U-boat. In Liverpool there is of course the Beatles Story, recently acquired by Merseytravel, which contains interactive facilities, work rooms and educational activities for your pupils to enjoy. Schools packs and further information is available for each of these attractions, along with Mersey Ferries on 0151 330 1444 or by visiting,, and


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