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East African Playgrounds is a UK registered charity that aims to change the lives of children across East Africa by developing childrens learning opportunities and environments. We work alongside local communities to build stimulating and exciting playgrounds, run arts and games programs as well as developing long term employment and training opportunities for young people across East Africa.

Do you want your pupils to understand more about global citizenship, social enterprises and the important roles that volunteers play in the UK and around the world?

Join our mission to provide more high quality, safe and fun playgrounds for deserving children in East Africa; whilst opening the eyes of young people in the UK to opportunities open to them in charity work, volunteering and entrepreneurship by choosing East African Playgrounds to be your charity of the year.

We believe in the power, motivation and imagination that young people have in the UK and their ability to change the world around them. We are currently working with several schools in the UK running assemblies and workshops about becoming a social entrepreneur, volunteering and careers in charity work, we could do this for your school.

As we are a small charity a little amount of money makes a massive difference and your donations will not get lost in administration. We like to say thank you to everyone who supports us, so depending on how much your school raises we will give you a different Award!

For example, if your school raises/donates £2,600, we will build another adventure complex which will include; slides, monkey bars, tyre bridge, steps, climbing walls, fireman’s poles and imaginative play zones under each platform. All for another deserving community on our waiting list in Uganda!

We like to say thank you to everyone for their support through our Gold, Silver Bronze awards:

Fund raising Ideas for schools

Most school Parent Teacher Associations have been raising funds for years. So your school will already have loads of ideas to start your fundraising. Here are just a few extra ideas which some school have done and have worked very well.

Donuts sales –  Students at the University of Leeds took advantage of people’s sweet tooth by selling Krispy Kreme donuts for a week and they rose over £3000.

Fete - Fete’s are always a good way for the school community to come together for a cause. You could do a safari themed fete, with face painting, African music and dancing; giving a different twist to our English fetes.

Drama show - Drama, song and dance are great ways of expression in every country. Setting up a drama and performing arts night at your school can raise lots of funds to help you reach your targets. Record the nights performance and  we can show the school in East Africa you are supporting your video, and in return you may get one back from them!

Ball - Organizing a ball or country dance night is a wonderful way of getting the parents involved in the schools efforts and can get parents involved in more schools activities. These nights can help both your school and your target.

Fancy dress teachers day - Children love to see their teachers involved in anything comical. So giving each class a target to reach, with the higher the target the funnier the fancy dress will motivate the students to raise the funds.

Give it up - The school body doesn’t need to give up much to support an EAP project. If the teachers were to give up the morning coffee and kids Friday night sweets for just one week a school could easily raise £500

50p a day - It’s a simple no frills way to raise the money, by the whole school saving 50p a day in a week a whole sports program could be paid for

Old sports kits or equipment - We are not always asking for financial donations from schools. Many schools have new sports equipment that renders the old kits and equipment redundant. Well send the redundant kits to us and we can provide a school with much needed equipment.

You could even take your fundraising further by holding a dress down day, organise a  sponsored walk, charities week, or even come to Uganda to see the playground you helped fund … the possibilities are endless!

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