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Freddy Macha is a Tanzanian born writer and musician; based in London since 1996. He has lived, travelled played music, prose and poetry across several continents and is subsequently multi-lingual. His awards include the BBC Poetry Prize in 1981 and the 1996 Commonwealth Short Story Prize. He writes regular columns, blogs and teaches Swahili and music nationally and internationally.


“He is an accomplished musician and writer who is able to blend together various art forms and present his work in an engaging format suitable for various audiences. Like the students I found him to be approachable and interesting on both a personal and educational level. He has a wealth of experience and personal achievement that the pupils could relate to and take an active interest in.” Doug Quinn, Community Arts Officer, Hammersmith and Fulham, London



Freddy is highly skilled and experienced running workshops in traditional drumming, dance, movement, music and writing poetry and prose for performance, blogging or publishing. Workshops can be for children, adults or families. He holds a teacher’s diploma in Adult Education from the University of Central England, Birmingham and over 25 years experience teaching children and people of all ages in various settings. His multi-lingual skills and global experience gives his workshops and classes a unique edge. In prisons and young offenders institutions he has worked as both tutor and language interpreter.



Freddy comes from a family of entertainers, religious preachers and teachers and is therefore, a natural performer. He is both at home singing and playing music, story telling or performance poetry. The music is played on variety of instruments (drumming and percussion, guitar or piano) and his stories have been researched from various traditional cultures including his original homeland. His content can be educational, socially critical, funny or satirical.

Freddy is also presenter and researcher for newly created Africans in London TV. His passion for entertainment has seen him being involved in promotion of World Music (1998-2001) and currently Jazz Poetry Nights, both in London.

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Key information

  • Experienced entertainer and educator
  • Traditional drumming, music, poetry and prose
  • Workshops and performances
  • Promoting culture and creativity
  • Varied and flexible programmes
  • Suitable for all Key Stages 

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Telephone: 0207 502 9814
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London

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