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Interactive Junk Drumming Workshops

Drum Runners have run educational interactive music workshops for over 25 years and we support students and staff to create their best performance and to work as a team.

Discover the rhyme and rhythm to make repetition a fun and rewarding activity. Our junk drums now have newly painted designs to show each of the 15 original songs. Music can encourage lateral thinking and confident voices and develop new skills. Find out how geometry in maths can be musical or how music can be scientifically sound or simply energise education with a physical and mental workout that is really on the pulse.

Delivered by an experienced Workshop Facilitator with DBS and PLI. Paul started at the age of 3 playing biscuit tins and Tupperware boxes and the beat goes on ... Paul has played in Village Halls and and at Royal Festival Hall and created a library of Commercial & Community CDs with people he has worked with. Paul is also a Mentor with a local council delivering life skills for adults and children and enjoys bringing energy to education to bring out the best in performance.


Choose from>>

  • Junk Percussion Music Workshops |
  • Songs and songwriting |
  • Mums on Drums (PTA Fundraisers) |


plus Curriculum based lively lessons of>>

  • Geometry of Music |
  • Science of Sound |
  • Music Moves |

Additional Information>>

  • Ideal for large or small class sizes.
  • Perfect for outdoors (or indoors) and all battery powered.
  • Add energy, rhythm, culture and eco awareness to school events (enrichment days, classes, fetes, sports days, achievement days, festivals or inset days).

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N.B Real life workshops (Junk Percussion Music Workshops) restricted to approx. 100 mile radius of Bristol to be more Eco friendly.  But I do travel further afield for additional travel expenses.



Additional Information

The area/s in which this provider is available are:South West

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