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Drumvoice bring high energy West African drumming and percussion training to schools, organisations and communities across the UK. Their unique workshops deliver inspirational musical training for both pupils and teachers, bringing the incredible benefits of rhythm into the classroom in a fun and accessible way, and leaving schools with the skills to continue working creatively and confidently with percussion instruments.

“In 20 years of teaching in nursery I have never had such an advanced group to send up to reception in regards to their speaking and listening. I am sure that activities like Ready Steady Drum! have made that difference.” Helen Kenny, Hawkesley Nursery

“Thank you for an excellent, professional training day. Our department learnt so much and the feedback has been outstanding. We hope to get you back soon!” Harjit Singh, Head of World Percussion, Birmingham Music Service


Founded by expert percussionist, Sarah Westwood, Drumvoice have over ten years’ of  experience delivering outstanding music projects in schools and have developed their own unique INSET programmes for teaching staff. They have received endorsements and commendations from a wide range of educational & arts bodies including the Birmingham Music Service, Musicleader West Midlands and Education and Youth Music Action Zones.

What will Drumvoice bring to children in your school?

Aside from their wonderful range of authentic African instruments, Drumvoice bring energy, enthusiasm and lots of humour to their workshops. Improved health and well-being, communication, teamwork, creativity, improved motor skills, enhanced cultural understanding and social inclusion are just a few of the proven benefits drumming can bring to your school. Drumming is a highly creative way of fulfilling key aspects of the National Curriculum and supporting positive outcomes of the Government programme ‘Every Child Matters’.

Children’s Workshops & Residencies:

• The African Drumming Experience

• African Drumming and Singing Celebration

• Drumming and Dance

• African Tie-dye and Bead-Making

Drumvoice Training and Events....For Teachers

Drumvoice aim to make exceptional music leadership accessible to all teaching staff.

Ready Steady Drum! is one of the unique programmes created for Early Years staff by Drumvoice director, Sarah Westwood. Developed from the inspirational work of renowned educational consultant, Ros Bayley, it offers children a fun and memorable way of learning steady beat awareness – a foundational skill with profound learning implications, especially for language, mathematics, motor skills and social development.

Alongside their facilitator training, Drumvoice also provide invaluable team-building and stress-busting staff training days, as well as issue-based training for continuing professional development. These are powerful and joyful experiences that build trust, communication and mutual support within your team, creating a strong foundation for success in the academic year ahead.

INSET programmes:

• Ready Steady Drum! – Steady Beat for Early Years

• Teach the Beat – Working confidently with percussion instruments (Foundation - KS4)

• Drumming for Teachers! - Team build & stress relief

• Staff Development Packages – Issue based training for CPD


Key information

  • Engaging, inspiring and inclusive
  • Proven benefits to all-round development
  • Supports National Curriculum
  • Early years to KS4
  • High quality teacher training

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Telephone: 0121 442 4976
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