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Fusion Media Arts is run by Kathleen – aka ‘Kaff’ – Brooks, an effervescent, highly creative Arts Practitioner who specialises in Performing Arts in Education. Working with schools on special projects, she brings to the classroom a wealth of experience, knowledge of teaching targets, plus a special ability to communicate and inspire. Kaff has worked as a teacher, lecturer and trainer for both Drama and Dance, and always adds a fun, dynamic dimension to any lesson.


The focus of Fusion Media Arts is on creative learning and development for children, from Primary through to Key Stage 4.

Making dance and drama as fun as they can possibly be, Kaff is able to unlock the imagination of the child, and enhance the school curriculum through exploration, communication, collaboration and creative thought. With over 20 years of experience and involvement in education, she has a deep understanding of school targets and curricula, always embedding current requirements for development and progression into her methods.

Since schools don’t always have sufficient staff to meet all the specialist requirements for Dance and Drama, the rich experience, unique style and unstoppable energy that Fusion Media Arts brings in to the classroom can be an ideal solution for either regular sessions or larger special projects.

Achievement through active participation and collaboration


Fusion Media Arts follows the targets and changes proposed by the Primary Curriculum Review. This includes successful learning through enjoyment, creating confident individuals, exciting children’s imagination about the arts and developing their creativity. Kaff brings learning and thinking skills such as investigation, evaluation and communication into her projects. Improvisation, presenting and performing also enhance key skills, while dance and drama in general add to their breadth of learning.

Key Stage 3

Embedding Dance within PE and Drama within English enriches the curriculum, however they can sometimes be neglected. Fusion Media Arts broadens and enhances these subjects, providing learners with enjoyable opportunities to reach their potential and achieve. Working on larger projects also challenges pupils to work collaboratively and reach a goal, while there is also often the opportunity to involve families and the local community.

Key Stage 4, 14-19

Because of the traditional focus on examination results, the 14-19 curriculum often creates a tension between maximising the learner’s potential within the areas where their strengths lie, and broadening their experience to develop a well-rounded student. An external specialist in Dance and Drama is valuable in stretching and challenging students who are following a Diploma in Creative and Media, for example. Even for those not studying creative subjects, Dance and Drama can be equally valuable, adding social, physical and expressive skills.

Fusion Media Arts incorporates activities such as Theatre and Performance, Physical Theatre, Musical Theatre, Choreography, Multi-Media, Film, Stop-Motion Animation and Puppetry, and can also help schools with Arts Funding Bids and Inset Days.


Key information

  • Key stage 1-4- Post 16
  • Groups from 15 – 35 (negotiable for bigger school
  • projects)
  • Enhanced CRB
  • Full Public Liability Insurance
  • BA (Hons), LLAM

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Telephone: 07800 887841
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