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Diggerland is a chain of 4 theme parks (located in Kent, Co. Durham, Devon and in West Yorkshire). At all 4 Diggerland locations adults and children can ride and drive real construction machines, under the guidance of our trained staff. No driving licence required! (Minimum height limits apply to all the rides and drives. Mostly the minimum height limit is 90cms, but for a few rides it is set at 80cms).   

You can turn up and pay on the day to enter Diggerland, or you can save money by booking discounted on-line entry tickets in advance of your visit.

Height restrictions apply on all the rides and drives in Diggerland. For a few rides the minimum height is 80cms. For most rides the minimum height is 90cms. Diggerland is not suitable for children under 80cms tall, as they will not be able to go on any of the real construction machinery rides and drives, even if accompanied by an adult.




Alongside all the normal fun and excitement, Diggerland can provide valuable information, training and first hand experience to school groups. Children can experience Diggerland with the emphasis on "Learning through fun". Several areas of the National Curriculum are catered for, primarily in Science and Design and Technology.

A visit to Diggerland is particularly useful in connection with the following modules:


  • Unit 1a Vehicles
  • Unit 6c Fairground
  • Unit 6d Controllable Vehicles


  • Unit 9 Pressure and Moments


Visits during term time - If you wish to make a trip to Diggerland when it is closed to the public, you can arrange a two and a half hour visit:

  • 10am until 12.30pm
  • 1.30pm until 4.00pm

on a weekday during term time. The minimum group size for such a visit is 25 children.

Visits during school holidays - If you wish to arrange a visit to Diggerland when it is open to the public then you can visit at any time from 10am until we close for the day (normally 5pm, but 4pm during the Winter). The minimum group size for a visit at a time when Diggerland is open to the public is 10 children, to take advantage of our special group rate for schools.





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