Didgeridoo Sound Therapy

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Australian born, Gregg Chapman is a professional didgeridoo player and specialises in:

- Didgeridoo Sound Therapy

- Australian Aboriginal Cultural Workshops

- Didgeridoo Performances

- Didgeridoo Storytelling

- Introduction to playing the didgeridoo workshops

The Australian Didgeridoo is probably the oldest woodwind instrument in the world with rock paintings dating it to around 2000 years old.  Made from eucalyptus trees that have been hollowed out by termites, the Australian didgeridoo holds cultural and spiritual importance to the Aboriginal people of Australia. 

Didgeridoo Sound Therapy has helped children, young people and staff to become deeply relaxed and re-energised and has therefore alleviated stress levels and enhanced learning and concentration.  If children and young people are relaxed, they are more likely to concentrate, learn and behave in constructive ways rather than bullying.  The vibrations of the didgeridoo stimulates the senses and also gives a non touch sound massage and may therefore be benefical for muscular and skeletal pain.



“All students enjoyed the experience. They were deeply relaxed, engaged and silent during the session. Pupils with hearing impairments particularly enjoyed the experience due to feeling the vibrations resonating on the floor and also touching the didgeridoo while being played.” - Cath Acha, Teacher, Queenspark School, Special Needs School, Lincolnshire 

“I thought it was fantastic and really seemed to sooth the children. They seemed to really enjoy it.” - Alice Penny, Teacher, Garth School, Special Needs School, Lincolnshire

“The nature of pupils at our school have emotional and behavioural difficulties aged from 11-16.  Most pupils engaged in the session, with the exception of one. Having reflected with the pupils a day later, I received a mixed response. Some said that it helped them sleep that night while others disagreed. Some said it was really relaxing and they could see colours while the didgeridoo was being played. Overall a positive response to the session.” - Nadine Oldman, Phoenix School, Special Needs School, Grantham, Lincolnshire




  • Special Educational Needs Schools
  • Main Stream Primary and Secondary
  • Fundraising
  • Extended Days
  • Inset Days
  • Pre-school
  • Disengaged pupils


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Address: GC Life Enterprises, 12 The Green, Welbourn, Lincolnshire, LN5 0NJ
Telephone: 01400 220 272
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