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Reception, KS1 and KS 2 History workshops for primary schools, throughout the North West of England. Workshops designed to help children discover life in the past, through artefacts, role play and costume

Delve Into History offer affordable, educational and fun history workshops. Give your pupils a memorable experience.

Why pay for expensive coach trips, insurance cover and site entrance fees when a complete history service can be provided within your school? No need for extra staff or parent helpers. No out of hours time lost on risk assessments and travel arrangements. From Ancient Greeks through to WW2, Delve Into History can bring expertise into your classroom. All workshops are in line with National Curriculum requirements, and are delivered by an experienced teacher.

Key Stage One

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE - Explore the life of Florence Nightingale. Handle artefacts and look at costume. The workshop will focus on the early life of Florence Nightingale and why she became a nurse. How Florence Nightingale helped to change the conditions in Scutari hospital. How nurses helped the sick and wounded during the Crimean War. What medical supplies were available to doctors during the Crimean War.

SEASIDE HOLIDAYS IN THE PAST - Follow the story of Victorian lady Lillie on holiday in Blackpool. Handle artefacts and
look at costume.

MYSTERY BOX - Become a time detective and investigate artefacts from Victorian times to learn about houses in the past.

VICTORIAN WASHDAYS - Have a go at household chores from the past. How did people wash their clothes and keep their house clean?

VICTORIAN SCHOOL DAYS - Experience what it would be like at school through role play. Use slate boards and explore Victorian punishments.

TOYS AND GAMES FROM THE PAST - Look at wooden toys and explore how clockwork toys work. Play with old fashioned toys and games.

EVACUEE CASE - The story of Alice, a wartime evacuee. How did she cope with air raids and deal with being sent away to the countryside?

Key Stage Two

ANCIENT EGYPTIANS - Investigate artefacts to learn about life in Ancient Egyptian times. Help to mummify someone and look at costume.

ANCIENT GREEKS - Investigate armour and compare Athenian and Spartan life through handling and sketching artefacts. Play an ancient Greek game.

ROMANS - Investigate armour, learn about battle tactics and everyday life by handling and sketching artefacts. Play a popular Roman game.

ANGLO-SAXONS - Explore the Saxon world by looking at costume. Handle and sketch artefacts and have a go at writing a Saxon riddle.

VIKINGS - Investigate artefacts and costume to learn about life in Viking times. Play a Viking game.

TUDORS - ENTERTAINMENT* - Take part in Tudor dancing. Play some Tudor games.

TUDORS - RICH AND POOR* - Investigate artefacts to learn about Tudor life. Look at costume and learn about the differences between rich and poor. Have a go at writing with a quill pen.

VICTORIAN CHILDHOOD - Learn how Victorian children spent their leisure time. Compare the toys and games that rich and poor children had. Take part some Victorian games and make a peg doll.

VICTORIAN SCHOOLROOM* - Experience Victorian school times through role play. Use dip pens and slate boards. Learn about Victorian punishments.

VICTORIAN HOME LIFE* - Learn about the life of a poor family through photographs and artefacts. Try rag rugging and making Victorian toilet paper!

HISTORY DETECTIVES - Take on the role of a museum collections manager, and investigate a range of artefacts. Learn about how records are kept, and what we can learn from artefacts through careful examination. Have a go at detailed observational drawing.

WW2 - THE HOME FRONT - Experience life as a child during Wartime Britain, through role play. Investigate artefacts and have a go at salvaging.

* Tudor and Victorian workshops can be combined for a full day experience.

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