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Dance Passion prides itself on its sound knowledge and teaching skills in all areas of dance. Proprietor Clare is a fully qualified primary school teacher with many years experience as a dance instructor and as an exciting extension to dance classes. Dance Passion also provide Spanish days to school covering aspects of dance, language and history.


“Dance Passion really made the culture come alive, brought a real ‘wow’ factor to the conference and showed teachers how they could use simple language in a very enjoyable creative way. It was amazing to see everyone up on their feet and dancing.” Jane Hegedus, Consultant for Primary Languages Lancashire



Dancing since the age of 4, Clare began dancing ballet, taking up Latin American in her early teens. She cites the discipline and precision of ballet being the heart of her success as a Latin American dancer. Clare feels dance and her drive and passion come through in every performance. Every performance is performed as if it’s her last.

Clare has danced on the international stage for a number of years now and more recently has had high profile appearances on stage and TV. She has become a leading authority in the world of choreography, and has won critical acclaim with her original and breathtaking dance performances. Clare’s technical knowledge is second to none and her attention to detail is without compromise.

Spanish Days

The Spanish days take the format of a demonstration of the Paso Doble by Clare and her dance partner Steven. Children will then be treated to a workshop on the dance based on the demonstration.

All workshops start with a short warm-up, in preparation for the main activities of the lesson. Children will learn the history of the dance in a fun, lively, creative and friendly environment.

Pupils will learn basic Spanish such as numbers 1- 8, right and left, boys / girls and instructions suitable for dancing. They will be taught figures of the dance working on the characterisation of the Paso Doble. They will also have opportunities to talk about, explore and play with dance and movement ideas. The children will be given specific guidance on choreography as well as general feedback and praise. Individual workshops last between 20-30 minutes and provide a unique learning experience which will stimulate your whole school’s awareness of and their desire to learn about and understand new cultures.



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  • Qualified teacher
  • PGCE Primary Education
  • Bsc Pure Mathematics
  • Allied Dancing Association – Associate

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