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Dance mats and similar games improve children’s agility and coordination, give them the daily dose of exercise they need and, like other types of fitness activities, active games have been known to improve children’s academic performance.

Our dance mat system enables you to participate in a full body workout which can improve the following:

• Co-ordination and agility

• Listening skills

• Spatial awareness

• Flexibility

• Cardiovascular stamina

• Vestibular sense

• Concentration focus

• Motor planning

• Visual and auditory sense


Dance Systems

Our dance mats system uses interactive technology to engage, challenge and motivate players to exercise in a really fun way!

Exergames are increasingly becoming part of the curriculum at schools. We can come and deliver a regular lunchtime or afterschool club or fun, engaging PE sessions with a difference. Dance Mats could be a fun, lively attraction at your school event or we can deliver a full day fitness/marathon event for school.

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Address: The Ladybugs Picnic Ltd, 4 Bebington Road Tranmere, Wirral, CH42 6PU
Telephone: 0151 643 0730
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