Cruachan - Hollow Mountain

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Situated amongst some of Scotland's most beautiful scenery, lying deep within Ben Cruachan is one of the country's most amazing engineering achievements. Hidden deep within the mountain of Ben Cruachan on the shores of Loch awe is Cruachan Power Station.

Here, a short distance from Oban, you can discover one of the hidden wonders of the Highlands. A power station buried one kilometre below the ground. At its centre lies a massive cavern, high enough to house the Tower of London! Here enormous turbines convert the power of water into electricity, available to you in your home at the flick of a switch.

The hollow mountain is a place like no other. An underground world on a spectacular scale.



The Cruachan visitor centre is experienced in accommodating large group visits. This is ideal for schools, who might wish to treat a class of children to the educational benefits of Cruachan.

All we require is a phone call to book your group visit in, and we'll do the rest, including organising your tour of the Hollow Mountain itself!



The Guided Tour takes you on a short journey deep inside the mountain Ben Cruachan. The power station lies at the heart of the mountain one kilometre inside.

Once inside the mountain you are taken up the visitor's walkway, past sub-tropical plants that grow well with the warm humid conditions inside the mountain, and then on to the visitor's viewing gallery. Once there, you can see the generating hall that houses the four generators that we use to produce electricity from water, available to you in your own home at the flick of a switch.



Safety education is very important to us at SP EnergyNetworks. We are committed to ensuring that young people understand the important role that electricity plays in every day life and the dangers around electricity and how to keep children safe.

Powerwise, a website launched by SP EnergyNetworks, serves to educate young people about electricity using songs, puzzles and games accessed through a cartoon-style interface. The site is presented by Ollie and Sparky, 2 likeable characters designed to appeal to younger children.

Elsewhere on Powerwise, Power Facts contains fascinating facts and figures on SP EnergyNetworks. The Teachers Centre contains information, activities and games that will encourage children to learn about electricity in a fun environment.

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Telephone: 01866 822618
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