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ArtzAcademy is the number one specialist in facilitating mural and graffiti workshops within schools throughout the UK. We work with groups interactively to engage and inspire, creating a 'Big Arts' experience.

Murals and Graffiti art are excellent catalysts for engaging individuals in a 'Big Arts Experience'. Our workshops build skills both artistically, personally and professionally, developing awareness, raising aspirations and attainment and challenging negative beliefs.

ArtzAcademy works across all the key stages to create unique mural art on walls, canvas or board. Our aim is to take the pressure out of lesson planning as our workshops are based on the National Curriculum and we can fit our courses and workshops into your scheme of work timetable. Our service offering includes:

• Mini Mural Days

• Mega Mural Weeks

• Miracle Mural Exhibitions

• Summer Schemes

• INSET Training

Each Workshop is tailored to each individual project or school. These Workshops serve to support learning and a constructive attitude by encouraging pupils and individuals to consider concepts and subjects imaginatively.


Inspired by Banksy (or an artist of your choice), your pupils will work with street artist and english teacher Gabrielle, to create a large mural to display in school. This engaging and practical workshop will give pupils the opportunity to explore real life examples of street art and develop their understanding of how history has informed the content of many street artists’ work.

Pupils will use a range of specialist materials and techniques used in street art (eg non-toxic spray paint, stencils) in a safe and managed way. Through the session, Gabrielle will support the pupils to understand how images and art can convey strong meanings and messages through ‘visual literacy’. They will be encouraged to share their ideas, collaborate with, and support each other to create a large mural. This is a one day workshop, suitable for 30 pupils, from KS1 or KS2 as well as in Secondary classes and FE.

What will the school need to provide:

  • Teacher or a member of staff to be present at all times
  • Access to a sink to wash brushes
  • Suitable space to work from (usually the school hall)
  • acrylic paints, 500ml pots of various colours and size 10, 14 major brush’s, paper, Velcro tape, aprons, floor covering, large cartridge paper, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners for each pupil, mixing palettes, Artz will bring all specialist equipment.

Mosaic Workshops
Artz Academy now facilitates a new mosaic workshop to create your school logo, or theme of your choosing, where pupils engage in a practical, create learning workshop using mosaic tiles to make an impressive art work.

Mini Mural in a Day
A Creative day of learning based on the curriculum created in consultation with your school. Our Mini Mural days are designed to be booked for a minimum of a full days visit to your school.

Mega Mural Week
Have the opportunity to create, a Mega Mural during a longer term project on a wall, canvas or board. Throughout the week the group designs the mural, works to a theme, learns colour theory and technique, researches artists as inspiration which leads to a final display of the mural.

Mega Mural Weeks can be for groups and schools who have a theme week or a particular festival to celebrate.

Example of Royds Schools International Language College - Mega Mural in a Week Project

Example of Royds Schools International Language College - Mega Mural in a Week Project

Miracle Murals Exhibitions
Schools can work towards creating an exhibition of the art pupils create at Mural workshops. Work produced can be reproduced in postcard or calendar form.

Workshop Themes

• The Aztecs

• The Victorians

• Mother Earth

• The Environment

• Space Travel

• Native Americans

• Religions

• Surprise Surrealism

• Inspiring Impressionism

• Magical Masters

• Super Heroes and Vile Villains

• Fair trade

• Curious Countries & Communities

Mural Arts Summer Workshops - West Yorkshire

We can set up and run mural arts summer scheme programmes in your area over the holidays.

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