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Foolhardy Circus delivers the Circus Residencies in Schools Programme (CRISP), providing an opportunity for young people to explore and create circus. This is often a week long project but can be longer or shorter, and aims to introduce circus skills and its many documented benefits to the whole school. Students and staff learn new skills together without any element of competition with a view to putting on a performance at the end of the week in the big top!


The Foolhardy Circus approach is completely inclusive, making all possible accommodations to enable all students to participate. They encourage everyone to set reasonable personal goals which can be followed to a satisfactory conclusion. CRISP offers many opportunities for learning and discovery on an academic as well as a physical level. Circus arts are engaging and enriching activities for schools with a wide range of disciplines that satisfy many subjects across the national curriculum. Foolhardy Circus can provide comprehensive ideas to integrate circus into lessons prior to their visit, to increase the benefits and ensure a fully rounded experience for all.

Circus is a non-competitive physical art form and whilst it requires the same dedication, discipline and hard work as any sport, it stresses collaboration rather than competition. Practising circus skills develops creativity and self expression whilst improving self confidence and self esteem.

Foolhardy Circus can also incorporate their bullying prevention workshop into a visit. The workshop combines performance, facilitated discussion and clown/drama games and supports young people by promoting a positive sense of self while reducing the extent and acceptability of bullying behaviour in school.

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