Celtic Iron Age

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Journey back in time with Luccus the Iron age warrior

Find out out how these people were not the uneducated barbarians that the Romans would have you believe.

Learn about their lifestyle, their beliefs and their warriors.
Why did warriors paint themselves with woad? Why were the heads of the most important enemies kept and treasured? And of course, who were the Druids?
The day starts with a brief talk, explaining about life in Britain before the Romans came. The use of bronze and then iron to fashion tools and weapons. The 'Celtic' culture and its arrival in Britain. The talk finishes with the Britons trying to stop the Roman invaders.
The morning activities include:
  • A Celtic/Iron age quiz - the children find out facts for themselves as they study the quiz boards with their question sheets.
  • The Doctors game - a board game dating from pre- Roman times.
  • A chance to look at some iron age every day items, razors, pots, torcs and maybe a treasured battle trophy!
The afternoon session includes:
Arms and armour of the warriors, a tribal contest with spear throwing, slingshots, war cries and horn blowing! It finishes as the two tribes fight a Celtic battle and the last stand of the Britons as they face the might of Rome.

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Telephone: 0800 112 3192
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