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ACER Capoeira Mundo (ACM) is a London based company which has been providing capoeira lessons for schools and groups around the UK for 7 years.

Capoeira is a fusion of fitness, acrobatics, self-defense, dance and music. It is a 400 year old Brazilian martial art which has been recently popularized in films such as Harry Potter and Blade, MTV music videos and in Play Station games.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the music, history and language (Brazilian Portuguese) of capoeira whilst improving fitness and agility. Capoeira provides a platform for personal achievement, improving self-esteem and creativity.  Capoeira is ideal for PE, drama and music. 


Jinga Communities is the South West’s training provider of capoeira, the expressive Brazilian art form which blends music and dance and gameplay. Perfect for PE, dance, drama and music, capoeira improves confidence, social skills, fitness and rhythm. Jinga Communities delivers a range of structured workshops, courses and seminars tailored to specific curriculum and Key Stage requirements to schools and colleges throughout the South West.

Capoeira is an improvised partner-based activity which improves confidence, social skills, fitness and rhythm; one which also teaches players about the language, history and traditions of Brazil and its roots in West Africa.


TARU Arts is a non-profit arts and educational organisation, which creates and delivers fun and exciting programmes and activities to children and young people. They offer a diverse range of bespoke projects using art, music, dance and performing arts to deliver inspiring and creative learning opportunities and raise environmental awareness.

CAPOEIRA. An Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance, acrobatics and music. Taught as a non-contact game of inclusion and cooperation, it is ideal for encouraging interaction, team-building, respect for others and selfconfidence. Suitable for all ages and abilities, it improves fitness and well-being.



Kickstep offer a variety of classes for schools in disciplines such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Drama, Singing, Capoeira and Cheerleading provided by qualified instructors as full or half day sessions for single year groups or divided into a fun taster day for the whole school. Classes can be provided throughout the school day or as part of your extended provision. 

Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee with Kickstep’s Capoeira Club. This is the boys’ favourite club and they learn to be strong and light on their feet, get fit and have fun! Our teachers have backgrounds in many different styles and they create fun, demanding, strengthening class or workshop. Capoeira offers a fantastic combination of dance and non-contact martial arts. With music and sometimes singing, fun, energetic and exciting pastime. 



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