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Can you imagine making maths fun using soap bubbles, balloons and a clown? Picture your children visualising 3D shapes, then making them out of balloons. They will estimate how many people would fit inside a cubic metre, then climb INSIDE that cubic metre to test their estimate. Can you even imagine a soap bubble in the shape of a cube?..... But wait, there’s more! Read on....

“The boys were enthralled. They had great fun and did lots of Maths. Thank you.” M. Willcok, St. Columba's

“An inspiration with your energy for learning in a colourful and informative way.” Adam Oliver, BT Head Of Corporate Social Responsibility

“You were able to unpack some of the more abstract maths concepts in a tangible and very accessible way.” Michael Peter, Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, Johannesburg

Our MES (Mathematical Enjoyment Systems) program, based on critical thinking, uses hands-on workshops, shows and assemblies. It has been developed over the last 5 years with over 100,000 teachers and learners in schools in the UK, Europe and South Africa. Our resources have been co-written with experts from Cambridge University and we have run sessions at maths conferences in the UK and Europe since 2006.

INSET (Primary) – Let's suppose you have INSET sessions followed by receiving additional resource packs regularly. Would your life be easier? There you are, with focused, enthusiastic children, exploring maths using bendy straws, old newspapers and bits of string. Each and every child enjoying the activity at their own level of achievement.

Maths Workshops (3 years and up) – What if your children spent an hour visualising shapes, then making them out of giant pencil balloons? How would they remember the experience of getting inside shapes they had designed, built and understood? Imagine your children solving huge puzzles by literally stepping inside them. See the awestruck looks of their faces as they watch mathematical shapes with straight edges being formed out of bubbles... even better – making their own! Contact us now to find out more.

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  • Early Years, Foundation, KS1, KS2, G&T & SEN
  • Interactive assemblies, workshops and shows
  • Resource packs and on-going learning support
  • Parent and family learning sessions
  • Enhanced CRB checks 

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Telephone: 0800 0430319
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