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We are proud to present our superb Second World War activities in your school.

A typical day will introduce 2 characters from the War, although we can happily provide more or less as required. These could include:

  • Billy Spicer - an Air Raid Warden
  • Wing Commander Grant - a Mosquito pilot
  • Edna Spall - a housewife and member of the W.V.S.

Sessions may involve more than one educator as per your requirements- so students benefit from a carousel of activities on a variety of topics- such as reasons behind the conflict, Hitler's rise to power, what was Blitzgrieg?, the life of a soldier, identifying friend and foe, medical treatments, life during the Blitz, rationing,  Air Raid procedures, technological advancements during the war, The Final Solution etc.

About Black Knight Historical

Black Knight Historical was founded in 2003 by Ian Pycroft, a lifelong historical enthusiast, who was determined to bring history to life in a high quality, professional manner to schools, castles and other heritage sites across the country.

His own personal journey of discovery and delivery now covers 10,000 years of our history, from Flint-knapping to Focke-Wulfs, Neolithic to Nelson, Tutunkhamun to Tirpitz.

We have built a dedicated team of professional historical interpreters able to deliver almost any topic /subject you may require.

Key Information

• Curriculum based and/or off topic as required
• Interactive, hand on, discovery, experience
• Risk Assessments
• Enhanced CRB
• Full PLI & Employers Liability for staff to £10million
• Huge collection of handling objects covering over 10,000 years of our history
• Real child-size clothes for try-on & wear.
• Licensed via Norfolk Constabulary for black powder weapons

We have NATIONWIDE COVERAGE to enable us to deliver our school workshops across the country, where- ever your school is located. From Suffolk to Anglesey, Isle of Wight to Scotland, we make history happen!


Additional Information

Telephone: 01692 535613
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