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The Bird of Prey Centre are passionate about education. Over the years they have built up one of the largest collections of Birds of Prey in the UK including some rare and endangered species. Education and Conservation at the Centre comes in many forms including school visits and a successful outreach programme.

At school, they will entertain and educate your pupils with a new themed visit. For many years the centre have made school visits with owls and other birds of prey and they now have some very rare species that are ready to make their debut appearances.

The aim is to teach about indigenous owl species and what individuals can do to help protect them. During visits an age appropriate talk is given on anatomy, flight and nutrition. They also cover National Curriculum subjects like: living things in the environment, food chains and feed webs, feeding relationships and hunting techniques.

Some of the rarest owls from around the world including a Milky Eagle Owl, Great Grey Owl, Spectacled Owl, American Barn Owl are available to see at the centre or visit you at school. Or selections of native species including the Barn Owl, Little Owl, Tawny Owl, European Owl, Red Kite Peregrine Falcon and Golden Eagle can be observed.

Meet the giants of the bird world, with spectacular eagles landing in your classroom, including the American Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Chilean Eagle, White Tailed Sea Eagle and the stunning Red Kites. Or species from around the world including Falcons, Hawks, Owls, and Eagles can be enjoyed.

The best way to learn about birds is by seeing them up close. The falconry school can tailor talks to cover subjects like habitat, conservation, behaviour and the adaptations of different species. The birds can also be a focus for Art, Geography and History projects and an inspiration for creative writing.

Visits enable the children to experience the art of silent flight as owls fly in the class room over their heads and include a Q & A session which rewards correct answers with the opportunity to hold a bird.

Conservation and Awareness Days - include a tour of the Centre and a talk on rehabilitation; a flying display from native birds of prey; a hands on session including handling techniques; building nest boxes and nesting sites and a practical demonstration on how to repair broken or damaged feathers.

Key information

  • Teacher's study packs and worksheets available
  • Cross-curricular classroom activities
  • Outreach visit charged £2.50 per child (up to 50)
  • Centre visits £4.00 each pupil
  • One free adult with every 5 pupils 

Additional Information

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