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BHP Training is a London based training company, founded in 2007. Our team has over 15 years experience of delivering training, education, leadership and management. BHP Training  provides consultancy support for a number of both public and private organisations delivering high quality training and development.

BHP uses the Socratic Dialogue approach in the education sector, working with schools and Further Education as part of their INSET programme. BHP deliver workshops within university H.E. teacher training departments, working with staff on how the methods and techniques used in Socratic Dialogue can increase critical thinking skills of learners.  They have also delivered workshops at a variety of international conferences in Europe.

Resources to support development

In addition to our training and Socratic Dialogue sessions, BHP also provides effective resources and materials to help your team develop their skills and enhance their knowledge.

Our range of resources includes publications to support those working in customer service and the health and social care sector. All of our materials are written so they can easily be used by people who speak English as a second language.

‘Angella Hodgson on behalf of BHP Associates has worked with us for some time and created an excellent rapport and good positive relationships with teams and individuals. Angella has delivered coaching, support and training to teams, managers and teachers which has really helped us to identify problem areas and meet the challenges they bring. Angella takes a highly collaborative approach and she has a particular way of making people feel at ease. This helps to overcome the natural antipathy that many people feel who are experiencing under-performance issues and is crucial in getting ‘buy-in’ from staff into the need for training and development’ Philip Elliott – Deputy Principal – Bsix College, Hackney


Option 1 Full day session

The day can be divided into two parts with a practical half day taster Socratic Dialogue for teachers, governors and support staff. The session will focus on an ethical question that may be rooted in either a curriculum, pedagogical or whole school question. This allows participants to experience the process and further develop their own critical reasoning skills and provides a basis of understanding of the Socratic Approach.

The second half of the day can include analysis of the different Socratic Dialogue approach, how this might be translated into a whole class teaching session.

Option 2 Half day session

Work with an identified group of learners e.g. school council or those who have a peer support role for other learners. Identify a theme and undertake a half day Socratic Dialogue Taster session that allows learners to explore the issues whilst further developing their communication, listening and analytical skills.

Option 3

Weekly Socratic Dialogue for a group of learners, this can be a SD delivered related to a particular theme or curriculum area and would include work to be completed at home in between the weekly sessions. The session would normally be three 2 hour sessions, either fortnightly or weekly and would be in after school hours as an extra curricula activity.

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Telephone: 0208 354 0271
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, The North, North West, Scotland

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