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Burt Educational Story Workshops is run by Burt Books Ltd. This all day workshop is hosted by the director of Burt Books, Coreen Burt, known to the children as Teesha (The Zulu word for a teacher) Coreen has recently retired after a varied and exciting teaching career of 41 years.

Training as a Secondary School Science teacher she gravitated to special needs teaching in a primary school setting in South Africa. Story telling has always been her forte and the pupils listen with rapt attention to her African tales.

What you get:

Coreen provides a workshop programme backed by full lesson planning, lesson objectives, National Curriculum targets and a full set of lesson plans and a workbook for follow up work on this theme. The lesson plans include links to YOU TUBE clips of singing, dancing etc. and there will be Power Point slide shows to enhance the lessons given to you. The workshop could be used as the start of a 2 – 3 week cross curricular theme on the Zulus or simply as a stimulation day to learn about a different culture.

Which age group is this workshop for?

The workshop can be tailored for Keystage 1 or Keystage 2. The activities will remain the same but will be adapted to the age group. The worksheets provided have been designed to meet the needs of literacy levels 2 – 5





(Morning greeting) - 5 mins

We will start by dressing up in “Zulu” traditional clothes. The girls will strap a doll on their back because small Zulu girls always carry their younger sibling on their back! The children will be sat in an enclosure to give the feeling of being in a hut around a “camp fire” and will be taught how to greet each other in Zulu and do the Zulu handshake



(An African tale) – 40 mins

The story of Saraphina – a Zulu woman who was snatched by a crocodile but lived to tell the tale through sheer courage and determination. We will explore Zulu culture, beadwork and rural dwellings and explore the geography of South Africa using a huge wall map and floor map.



(Maths) - 45 mins

We will draw a crocodile using squared A3 paper and follow co-ordinates to produce a magnificent creature! We will then paint our crocodile



(A hunt) - 30 mins

We will hunt around the hall for Zulu facts that have been hidden. These will be pasted onto the crocodile pictures and we will then have a share and tell session about reptiles and the Zulus.



(Singing) - 60 mins

Using drums, tambourines and other percussion instruments the children will explore African rhythms and then learn the famous “Steam Train Song” SHOSHOLOZA (in Zulu) and the ZULU CHIEF SONG.



(dances and beadwork) – 90 mins

We will begin with a session of craft. The boys will create a Zulu shield and the girls will make a beadwork necklace. We will explain that in Zulu culture there is very distinct separation in the tasks of boys and girls. Men are warriors and women are homemakers. The boys will entertain with a Zulu war dance with their shields and the girls will do the “snake” dance” wearing their bead necklaces. We will then learn our final greeting of the day –Saying goodbye in Zulu.


Key Information

We have full CRB disclosures and the original certificate will be made available for your inspection and a copy given for your records.

Additional Information

Address: Burt Books, Church Cottage, Albemarle Crescent, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1XX
Telephone: 01723 341452
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Yorkshire, East Midlands, West Midlands

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