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Always rooted in real and concrete science and taking their lead from the Curriculum - but taking approaches from the world of the arts - our Science workshops for primary schools across the UK, provide an excellent way of engaging students with science and supporting them in understanding the world (and worlds) around them.

Science Assemblies
Assemblies are a great way, of course, of both generating a buzz around school and sowing the seeds for a shared experience. So, while our Big Science Days come complete with their own assemblies, we're happy to lead interactive and entertaining whole-school assemblies at the start of a day of any of our science programmes - and all at no extra cost! You can choose from Speedy Light ... Life on Mars? ... Feeling the Force ... and Missing Links - and all at no extra cost!

Science Skills - Creating a “buzz” about Science Investigation – through drama!
What skills does a Science Investigator need – and how can the natural world help us identify and understand them? This quick-fired workshop, suitable for up to 60 children at a time, answers these questions through a high energy drama activity that incorporates both team working and problem-solving too. And longer workshops can also include a game designed to cement key content from topics classes are currently exploring!

Big Science Day
Whole-school celebrations of Science can be challenging if different year groups are all exploring different areas of the curriculum - which is where our Big Science Days can help! We’ll start the day with a whole-school assembly exploring the wonder, importance and relevance of science - then deliver workshops for each year group, using drama techniques to bring key areas of their scientific investigations to life. And as each workshop can accommodate up to 60 children, a Big Science Day can cater for up to 420 pupils!

Our Big Science Days also offer a great way to generate a whole-school “science buzz” – so we also have some amazing thematic days to choose from.

All rooted in the Curriculum these include:
• Journeys into Space
• Amazing Animals (and Hair-Raising Humans)
• Exploring Evolution
• Phenomenal Plants
• Considering Conservation
• Looking at Light
• Eclectic Electricity
• The Marvel of Materials
• May the Force Be With You
• Making Sense of Sound
• Seven Wonders of the World

CSI: Rollercoaster - Exploring forces in an east-to-recognise context - the world of rollercoasters!
Rollercoaster riders are subject to a whole range of forces as they climb to dizzying heights, plunge at bone-rattling speeds and loop the loop at death-defying angles. CSI: Rollercoaster takes advantage of this by immersing your pupils in a world where someone has sabotaged the world’s most thrilling ride: The Newton.

After being introduced to the crime the suspects and, through a problem-solving game, some rollercoaster forces, pupils will take part in a challenging activity asking them to use their existing scientific understanding and transfer it to new areas. This process will release a number of clues, each eliminating one suspect - until only the saboteur remains!

Interplanetary Tours - A fast-paced exploration of our solar system in which children learn and teach each other key facts
From Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon to the photographs sent back by Juno on its historic and ongoing mission to Jupiter, we’re all entranced by our neighbours in the solar system. And space exploration nowadays, of course, is a collaborative and multinational affair, bringing the world closer together. Taking things one step further, this intriguing workshop asks pupils to imagine the day when interplanetary tours are possible. Informed by the endeavours of such new space actors as Virgin Galactic and Space X, they’ll plan, prepare and present short plays exploring the problems posed by visiting the sulphurous volcanoes of Venus, the gaseous storms of Saturn or the icy plains of Pluto. Just remember one thing: “In space, no-one can hear you scream …”

New - Time Travel Tourist - the Apollo Adventurers - Celebrating 50 years since the first humans walked on the moon
It was in July 1969 that Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar landscape and uttered the famous words, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Since then, only another eleven astronauts have walked on the moon - and none since 1972. This unique programme, though, gives your pupils an opportunity to meet and work with one of the people behind Apollo 11 - Margaret Hamilton (who led the team designing the mission's software) or Astronaut Armstrong himself. Your Tourist will be more than happy to meet the school at an assembly - then visit a number of classes during the day in workshops using drama techniques to bring to life the Apollo 11 adventure, and her/his role in its success.

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Creative Science Workshops are available throughout the school year, please contact us on 0151 708 8886, or email us at You can also find out more about our Creative Maths workshops by visiting our website;

What People Say

"All staff have fed back to me about how impressed they were with the workshops, how well the children responded to them and how excellent Chris was as a presenter, making the sessions interactive, engaging and educational for the children. The workshops have helped support me with my mission to promote working scientifically and develop a love of science in the school."
- Bursted Wood Primary School

"I’ve had such great feedback from teachers! thank you so much for making the topics so engaging, relevant and meaningful to the children. I know for a fact how much my class loved inventing new things."
- St Matthias School

"We really enjoyed the workshop, staff felt they gained a great deal from it, as well as the children. The children now recognise the “hidden” skills of science. They know that you need patience, observational skills, questioning and team work in order to succeed."
- St. Edward’s Catholic Primary School



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Telephone: 0151 708 8886
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