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Does your school have a prominent blank wall or free space, maybe an existing eyesore that could display a bright and colourful statement of your school's creative talents? A school mural will transform this eyesore into a celebration wall that will add a new dimension to the appearance of your school and provide a lasting focal point for your pupil's achievements, or school celebration.


School Mural Projects was founded by Will Coventry to design, create and coordinate the creation of bespoke celebration murals for schools.

School Mural Projects can help to create a unique space that will reflect the ethos of your school. The finished mural may celebrate a school anniversary, an achievement, or could be a simple ‘art wall’ to showcase your pupils' talents.

A mural project can take the form of an ‘enterprise day’, where pupils can produce a number of designs. Alternatively; a mural project can engage the whole school by involving all classes in an aspect of the design, as a possible inclusion in their art lessons. Maybe even a design competition. However you decide to proceed with your mural, Will Coventry will personally oversee and produce the final composite mural and he has the experience to deliver a wonderful, unique and lasting work of art for your school to be proud of.

The murals can be painted directly onto your chosen wall or they can be painted onto primed boards and erected on a framework in the space provided. A mural is an innovative and rewarding way to involve your pupils in creating their own personal environment and helps to engender a genuine sense of attachment, ownership and pride in their school.

Will Coventry is a commercial artist, graphic designer and a qualified teacher.


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  • Totally bespoke service
  • CRB Cleared
  • Qualified teacher

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Telephone: 0151 512 5003
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