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KAOS-ARTS believe that by enabling children to take part in participatory art projects they become empowered, gain pride in their learning environment and (most importantly) have fun along the way ! Create magnificent mosaics, storytelling murals, sparkling textiles, funky friezes signs, sculpture and other fabulous features for your school with KAOS-ARTS!

“Karen is an inspiration to work with. She has listened and guided, raising our awareness on how we can portray the ECM agenda in a way that is child friendly and stimulating. She has translated their ideas exactly and produced work with the children which are of an exceptional standard.” Heather Griffiths, Arts Coordinator Cherry Orchard Primary School, Birmingham


With a PGCE in Art and over 15 years experience of delivering a range of high quality art projects in schools, Karen Osborne, founder of KAOS-ARTS is renowned for her vision and practical experience working with children of all ages abilities and backgrounds.

KAOS-ARTS offer a wide portfolio of arts based projects for children to develop new skills and have fun improving the spaces in which they learn. Projects are devised to suit the schools needs and budgets and are excellent value for money, well organised and result in durable high quality 2D & 3D features which enhance the learning environment inside and outside.

Magnificent Mosaics 2D & 3D for entrances, halls, walls and other special places. Children learn about the history of mosaic and how to translate designs into high quality mosaics.

Sensational Signage can be designed to welcome visitors, to inspire, to encourage using litter bins . For outdoor areas which needs bright and informative signage and a “wow” factor!

Fabulous Features includes sculpture, seating, tables, planters, stepping stones, sculpture trails, interactive objects, play areas and nature areas.

Storytelling Walls enable children to learn about painting, pattern and colour. The murals can be used as teaching aids (history/world culture) or just to brighten up the learning environment.

Tactile Tiles for children from year 3 upwards to get messy with materials and learn how to make tiles in relief form. A huge variety of themes can be explored.

Sparkling Textiles which enable children to experiment with techniques to create highly jewelled focal points, hangings and banners for interior spaces.

Marvellous Metalwork is a great opportunity for children from year 4 upwards to use traditional tools and techniques to create a spectacular copper feature which incorporates their work.

Key information

  • Participatory arts projects for all pupils Key stages 1- 4
  • Over 18 years working with schools in the West Midlands
  • Bespoke features which inspire and which improve places
  • Well organised and excellent value for money
  • MA , BA, PgCE
  • CRB, Public Indemnity & Liability Insurance 


“The entire time we worked with Kaos-Arts was a highlight. Karen is a qualified teacher and has an eye on current curriculum developments. Karen is 100% reliable, professional, enthusiastic and great fun to work with.”
Rachel West, Community Learning Officer, Aston Hall, Birmingham

"Karen has completed a project which turned a long dull corridor into an enchanted wood full of story characters. She was fabulous to work with . The Year 3 children enjoyed the project and the 'wow' and 'that’s amazing' comments from children, staff and visitors says it all. We can’t wait for her to return to work her magic again."
Christine Killip, Headteacher ,Whitwick St John The Baptist CE Primary

“Karen from Kaos Arts was great to work with. Helpful and friendly to children and staff. Karen began the project with a short assembly for the children. Ten gifted and talented artistic pupils worked with Karen on the design and then every child in KS2 had the chance to work on making the mosaic with Karen; teachers too, got involved. We now have a beautiful mosaic on a wall in our outside playground which tells everyone the story of Holy Family Catholic School. Thank you Karen; we cant wait to work with you again.”
Marian Mulroy, Headteacher, Holy Family Catholic School. Birmingham.

“Karen from Kaos Arts worked with our year 4 children to produce nature mosaics. The children were involved from start to finish, designing, creating and evaluating their work. All children gained an imense amount from the experience of working with a professional artist who set high standards. The resulting mosaics are a stunning feature in our school and children, staff, parents and visitors have all remarked how impressed they are with them. We were so impressed with the results that Karen has now worked with our Yr 2 and Yr 3 children to create fantasic 'Tree of Life' textiles. We were amazed by the level of detail that the children put into their work. All of the children's work was individual and each time you look at them you see something new. A wonderful experience for all involved."
Janet Edwards, Headteacher , Deykin Avenue Primary School  

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Telephone: 0121 441 1677
The area/s in which this provider is available are:West Midlands

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