The Potting Shed

Pottery painting is a creative way to cover curriculum topics for students of all ages and abilities. The Potting Shed is a friendly, modern ceramic studio - with seating for 42. It is an ideal location for a fun-filled learning opportunity outside the classroom.

The opportunities for cross-curricular topics are endless but might include:

• painting butterflies to improve understanding of symmetry

• painting Mediterranean tiles to improve ruler skills

• painting in the style of the Romans, Greeks or Egyptians as part of a history project

• planning a design on a computer then transferring it to pottery as part of a technology project

• ‘dotty’ Aboriginal style painting for an art project

The finished ceramic pieces are professionally glazed and kilnfired for a fantastic result regardless of artistic ability. All items will be delivered back to school one week later. The studio is closed to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays to permit exclusive use for schools and other groups. Alternatively our highly-trained staff can visit you at your school on any day of the week. However, studio visits are preferable to access the full range of materials and tools available. We use top-quality bisque (the pottery) and underglazes to paint with. These are all completely safe, water-based and non-toxic.

They also have the benefit of washing out of clothing very easily! All visits are tailor made to the teacher’s requirements and the needs of the group, we will always be as flexible as possible. A meeting with the teacher prior to any visit is essential to discuss desired outcomes as well as any specific needs or limitations within the group. Staff at The Potting Shed are used to working with people of all abilities and to finding flexible methods for assisting whilst still encouraging independent work. As well as a learning tool, pottery painting is good oldfashioned, safe, creative fun! A visit to The Potting Shed will always be a treat, so it is a popular choice for an end of term reward, a year 6 final visit, a Christmas treat to paint baubles or ornaments etc. If you’re not sure what painting pottery is all about, why not pop in and have a look around. They’re a friendly bunch and welcome any enquiries.


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