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We began life as Archaeology for Schools, visiting primary and secondary schools across the UK to deliver a range of archaeologically-focussed workshops, seminars and talks. Whilst we still hold this to be the core of our business, we now provide a wider range of historic workshops which include visits from archaeologists, Egyptologists, Roman Soldiers, Viking Warriors and much more.

- A timeline of Britain: The archaeology of Britain from the Palaeolithic to the 21st Century.

- Death, Dying & Burial: A fun, often smelly but always interesting look at death in the past.

- The Eagle has Landed: Life in Iron Age & Roman Britain.

- Invaders, Raiders & Traders: Anglo-Saxons & Vikings in Britain.

- Archaeology Masterclass: Learn the skills, secrets and theory behind British Archaeology.

For teachers, trainee teachers and educational professionals we offer training and CPD courses in a range of subjects that focus upon engaging young people with the past. Contact us for more details.

New for 2012: Schools Local Fieldwork

We think kids are at their knowledge-absorbing best when they are out in the fresh air. We provide a range of outdoor activities exploring the historic environment around your local school which encourage young people to gain a sense of wonder about the world around them whilst getting some exercise!!

We have invested heavily in ensuring that our workshops provide a learning experience, but also empower children with new skills-sets to develop the ability to question and explore the past themselves. None of our activities 'cover' a subject, rather they are designed to help children to 'discover' a subject by utilising and developing the following skills:

- Team working skills

- Independent enquiry

- Critical & creative thinking

- Reflective learning

When we develop new workshops and projects, we work with a team of educational specialists including experienced primary and secondary school teachers, a speech and language therapist and a creative thinking consultant to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Feel free to contact us to find out more info.

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Telephone: 01244 940 976
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