SeaQuarium offers an underwater voyage of discovery, where pupils experience aquatic life from regions like the Amazon, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. Excellent displays and imaginative exhibits are designed to provide visitors with a greater knowledge and understanding of underwater wildlife and the importance of its conservation.


At SeaQuarium you come face to face with the most venomous fish in the oceans, the Stonefish, see huge Moray eels, have up close encounters with the weird and wonderful Pufferfish, witness the bright colours and variety in our coral tank, watch as the Piranhas devour their food and see the British Lobster lurking in the dark corners of its exhibit.

Your students will be enthralled as they travel beneath the waves, from tranquil fresh waters to the cold depths of the abyss. Along the way they will encounter the strangely shaped sturgeon, as well as sharks found off the coast of Britain and rays that glide effortlessly through the water. They will also discover solitary lobsters, conger eels and mystical axolotls before entering the Lethal Reef, home to some of the most poisonous animals on our planet. These are just a few of the amazing, strange and beautiful animals that await your adventure.

Schools parties enjoy discounted rates and with 30 displays, educational packs and lively presentations, learning and enjoyment go hand in hand. With their animal encounters, a visit is sure to excite and inspire children of all ages and abilities where pupils come face to face with many sea dwelling creatures, but also identify with those classified as endangered, vulnerable or even extinct in the wild.

Enter the specially designed theatre ‘Sea Lion Cove’ to watch their amazing skills. See the superstar seals in action as they show off their natural abilities with front flipper walks, balancing acts, hurdle jumps in the water, with lots of splashing, close up action and fun for all.See the only under water Tunnel in the largest Aquarium in North Wales. Walk under the waves, see British sharks, rays, and witness the wonders of the ocean and other sea creatures within their natural habitats. Feed the beautiful, friendly rays and other creatures that can be found swimming around the British Isles. An all weather Attraction with feeding demonstrations, talks and presentations providing a memorable and thought provoking day.


Key information

  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Key stages 1-4
  • Discounts for groups of 12 or more
  • Available for private hire 

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* School Visits
The area/s in which this provider is available are:North West

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