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Brown Bowler Animation has been facilitating animation workshops for 10 years and has worked with numerous London Boroughs and others across the South East of England. The workshops are suitable for individuals, wishing to explore the world of traditional and contemporary animation with everything from drawings (2D), claymation or computer graphics. An exceptional artistic ability is not necessary to participate in and enjoy what the workshops have to offer, all one needs is an active imagination.

Focus has been given to young people who are generally between the ages of six and seventeen and we aim to not only to teach the basics of animation but also to introduce an art form that young people may not have had access to in the past. We tailor the workshops to the ability of the group, indeed we have worked with primary school children, young people with challenging behaviour and those with severe learning difficulties.

The duration of the workshops is a minimum of 2 hours and can be a one-off introductory session or a longer duration and as part of a series. The way in which we work is flexible and we will work with you and your organisation in order to maximise a fantastic result! Please go to testimonials to read for yourself!!

Animation is stimulating and fires creativity, the workshops promise to provide access to a high standard of tuition. In addition the act of working in a group to produce a short film engenders a team spirit and a sense of achievement. It also lays the foundation to a valuable media skill, in a rapidly expanding sector of the computing, film and television industries, which youngsters can start developing early.

All staff are CRB checked.

If you are interested in the Brown Bowler Workshops please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will send you an information pack detailing the types of workshop and rates.

Animation parties for school

Get animated can also provide a party experience to schools whether as a reward or incentive day or to celebrate an event or achievement. They can provide their completely unique activity for your group whether you are 8 or 80 and have something for everyone. Just use your imagination, create a claymate and animate! To enjoy this party you won’t need any experience or to be particularly creative as the instructor/animator will help you and your pupils make clay models, film sets and then through the use of professional digital hardware bring them to life!

The sky really is the limit; let your imagination run wild. Themed parties can be further enhanced by the party group creating an animation which relates to the party theme, imagine your class creating a film about school sports day or a topic you are studying in history. Get Animated' parties really can be adapted to fit any theme or topic within the school environment and create an engaging and rewarding occasion for everyone involved.

Your animator will arrive at least half an hour before them party is due to commence in order to set up the relevant equipment. Parties generally last for 2 hours when participants can either create a story and build their models and set or individually make models which are animated in a montage. As the party progresses the animator will help participants to animate their model, they will be amazed to see the result of their hard work immediately on the computer. Additional copies of the finished film can be ordered from the animator. The completed film will have titles including the date and all participants will all be credited at the end.


"Garfield was great in inspiring those kids who showed an interest in animation. He  is very passionate about it and he gave our kids an opportunity to access highly professional animation software".

ReginaBash-Taqi ΠProjects Director

Childhood Foundation


I arranged for Garfield to deliver a series of Claymation workshops to a group of young people on a Mentoring and Life Skills programme. The young people were aged between 15 -18 and had been identified as at risk of offending. As part of the Life Skills provision the Claymation workshops were run over a number of sessions in order for the young people to design their characters, come up with a story and produce a short animation. What really appealed to them was how easy it was to produce something, with Garfield's patient and creative guidance, that looked so professional. They had all seen the likes of Wallace and Gromit, and they were so impressed that they could produce something similar. The young people needed to work together and in a systematic fashion to pull together their short piece of film. They demonstrated great commitment, communication and imagination. They were really proud of their finished masterpieces, and all had a copy to keep. A fantastic souvenir.

Garfield's approach was fantastic, and he engaged really postively with this group of young people that weren't always the easiest to get to know. I would highly recommend Garfield and his workshop to any client group, for any purpose. This workshop proved that even the more resistant individuals can bring out their creative side and really achieve something out of the ordinary.

Alison Baker, former Mentoring & Education Coordinator of Mentoring Plus Bexley.

Now Community Development Coordinator,

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.


Garfieldfrom Brown Bowler's 'Get Animated' has undertaken in the last year two four day workshops.

Our client group can be difficult to manage but Garfield engaged them at a level to which they understood the expectations of the project and helped them to build their confidence in an art form to which they had previously thought to be unreachable. He certainly aided them to have a lot of fun!

After each set of workshops the young people individually received a DVD of the film and a certificate of their attendance. This was coupled with a private viewing for the rest of the centre. The feedback from the young people was excellent; the workshops were so well received by the participants that they have asked the Senior Management Team to fund further workshops on a weekly basis.

I would recommend Brown Bowler 'Get Animated' workshops to any group working with young people including those with disabilities and or special needs.

Jane Clarke

Enrichment Co-Coordinator

Orchard Lodge

2 workshops was held here for young people to make animations for a DVD project. The group involved a number of Mental Health Service users and the workshop was very well received. The young people really enjoyed it and the product was really good. We could definetly do this again.

The young people were really proud of the models they made and everyone was keen to take part. The workshop was well structures and the young people were very well supported in developing their ideas.

Charlotte Williams

Coordinator for Surrey


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