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Animate Performing Arts is a unique Performing Arts Education and Training Provider. Our aim is to facilitate people of all ages and abilities to 'be animated'.

To be animated means to 'come to life', to be vibrant and engaging. These are qualities held by a performer through song, dance and action. We are passionate about teaching valuable performing arts skills that will develop and illuminate every individual's inner confidence, creativity and charisma.... just like a true animated performer.

Animate provides a fun and insightful environment by using the expressive and presentation techniques of the Performing Arts. We guarantee that Animate Dance, Drama and Singing is a top quality experience like no other... allowing every individual to shine.


Animate Workshops

Animate Workshops take place at your school... An Animate Performance Education Specialist will visit your school and deliver themed performing arts lessons leading to a spectacular performance... All based on the topic of your choice! Children will actively engage with each other and with subject matter through an exciting performing arts experience. Education and embodied knowledge is at the heart of what we do.

...Let young people discover the world around them with an Animate workshop that takes you to Africa, to Outer Space or to the Olympic Games! Children at your school can experience:  Animals... Nature... Sport... Culture/Geography... History... Holidays... Fantasy...

...and many many more...!


Your school can book an Animate Performance Education Specialist for:

Full Day Workshop

Half Day Workshop (am / pm)

Multiple Classes (Production Course) *Multiple Class Discount Applies

Single Experience Class / After School Classes

For Workshop Bookings please contact us for availabiltiy and fees.


Just some of many theme options…

Sports Day - Be a part of the our World Sports Day 2012 Workshop hosted by Animate Performing Arts! Discover the cultures behind the countries participating in London's big sporting event this year, or learn more about the sports involved; all through singing, dancing and acting! Get involved with the greatest event of 2012 and see if you could be an Animate Gold Medalist....

History – re you studying a specific event from history? Support your studies with our Historical Workshops putting the facts into action, dance and song.

Around the World - Travel over seas and oceans (and sometimes even history!) to visit and experience cultures from other countries.   The world is a rich tapestry of rituals, cultures and traditions. Let's discover them with this Animate Workshop.

Nature Workshop - Uncover the wonders of seasons & understand how a tiny seed becomes a beautiful flower, through a variety of songs, stories and dances with this Animate Workshop.  Available in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter!

Space Workshops – ‘An out of this world workshop’, take a journey into the unknown realm of outer space. Learn about the Solar System, Planets & Stars whilst creating an exciting performance involving Space Ships and Astronauts.

Animal Workshop - Discover a whole new world of living creatures; whether you adventure through the jungle, onto the farmyard or simply investigate your pets at home.  Using educational performance techniques, children can get lost in a world of imagination

Specialises in:

Dance Workshops, Drama Workshops, Music Workshops, Performing Arts Workshops, Social/Cultural Workshops


Additional Information

Telephone: 08432 892 962
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London

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