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At Animals In-Tuition our team of rangers are passionate about promoting respect for and an understanding of a wide variety of animals and their habitats.

We provide a professional service that gives children a rewarding and educational experience. From presenting at the British Science festival and venues such as Magna and Eureka, we have an excellent reputation providing high quality, exciting and informative school workshops.

Our events and workshops provide a fun, rewarding and educational experience for young and old alike. All the animals that accompany our rangers on visits have been chosen carefully to ensure that they are comfortable with being out and about meeting new people. Our Rangers are experienced presenters who have full PLI cover, are CRB checked and also are STEM ambassadors.

We offer many varied workshops to complement the National Curriculum including Evolution and Inheritance, Nocturnal animals, Rainforest and Minibeast. If the workshop you are looking for is not listed below, please contact us for more details.

They may not be cute and cuddly but mini beasts are fascinating and this is definately one of our favourite workshops. Find out what makes a mini beast a mini beast and meet the good the bad and the ugly.  A wonderful opportunity to get close to millipedes, snails, spiders, scorpions and a wonderful variety of insects.

From the forest floor to the forest canopy an insight into the lives of some of the types of animals that may be found there.  This topic touches on amphibians, reptiles, mammals and mini beasts.  There is plenty of opportunity for animal handling whilst talking and learning about the rainforest habitat.

Visits can link up with the section "Life Processes and Living Things" of the Science National Curriculum. The variety of animals will enable the different characteristics, adaptations and habitats to be demonstrated.

Younger children, in safe and familiar surroundings will enjoy seeing the different animals.  They can watch them move and eat, they can feel feathers, fur and scales, this really does bring learning to life.

For the older children these sessions provide more detailed information encouraging questions and discussions within the group.  Again the hands on approach inspires learning for future work in the classroom.


"Perfect level for the children (3-5 years) with extra details given when children asked questions.  Delivery was clear and the children listened to the information that was given with interest."
Forest Town Primary School, Mansfield

"The children were attentive and enjoyed all the sessions.  Content delivered at appropriate levels and pace for all the groups."
Austhorpe Primary School, Leeds

(Marie, Mags, Jo and Andrew with
Vinchetta the Boa)

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Telephone: 07521 389607
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