Tickled Skink

Tickled Skink visit schools and nurseries with an enchanting mix of habitat themed musical magic and a range of live animals! Tickled Skink use music, movement, include themes that complement and enrich the curriculum and are compatible with science elements of the National Curriculum and the Early Years Curriculum "Knowledge and Understanding of the World"

Rainforest: Learn about the animals that live there; their behaviour, eating habits, camouflage & defences; the plants that grow, their uses and the Indigenous people's use of resources.

Desert: Learn about the weather, the sand dunes & the animals and how they survive like the Meerkat family.

British Countryside: Learn about animals that live there, their behaviours and where to find them (bush, burrow or tree). Learn about farm animals and what they produce; food at the farmers market; what it is called and where it is grown

Garden: Learn about minibeasts living there; the life cycle of the butterfly and how flowers grow.  Enjoy a visit from the giant cuddly bee who wants your pollen; learn the bees "Waggle Dance" and recognise garden birds by sight and sound

Sea: Learn about animals that live there; Build sandcastles through the art of mime; Learn manners and shopping skills at the ice-cream van and how to make waves with the parachute.

African Safari: Teaches about the animals that live in Africa; movement and dance with an "African tribe"; hear an African story and learn about the powers of the baobab tree

Caves: Incorporates learning about the different animals that live there, their behaviours, survival techniques and eating habits; predators and prey.


Sessions are typically an hour per class of up to 30 school age children or 20 pre-school age, with 30 - 40 minutes themed musical activities followed by 20- 30 minutess handling of two live exotic animals.

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