AnimalMan is the most well-known and established company of its type, famous for their outstanding presentations which mix a sensitive display of animals with a fun, relaxed commentary and professional, articulate lecturers.

“An AnimalMan visit is the highlight of your school calendar, an event that your pupils remember and talk about as one of their best school experiences.”

Ideal as a curriculum led lecture to introduce the children to an extensive range of live exotic animals at your school. Lectures are safe and structured - with the emphasis on learning - whilst also providing the opportunity for audience members to handle the various animals under expert supervision and with appropriate key stage commentary. A presentation can be general and endorse various units including;

• Life processes

• Humans and other animals

• Variation and classification

• Living things and their environment

• Movement

• Nutrition

• Identification and groups

• Adaptation and habitats

Or more specific and can be led by topic

• Nocturnal and diurnal animals

• Rainforest animals

• Mini-beasts


Primarily aimed at a Foundation, Key Stage One or Key Stage Two syllabus with Nick Spellman or Stuart Short, AnimalMan now offer school based lectures suiting foundation, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, Rachel will deliver a specific lecture for students studying up to GCSE level.


Although ideal as year or key stage group session, why not consider featuring AnimalMan as a reward or end of term/seasonal celebration fun day for the whole school? AnimalMan have the stage-craft and technical ability to present at larger events and are hugely popular for school fetes and PTA fundraisers too.


Key information

  • Fully Insured and CRB checked
  • Professional Presenters
  • Correct and Appropriate Licences
  • Extensive Range of Live Animals
  • Handling Opportunities
  •  Teacher Resource Packs

Additional Information

The area/s in which this provider is available are:Home Counties, Greater London

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