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Living Eggs provides a life cycle education programme that enables children to see chicks hatching from their eggs. It has been established in the UK for over five years and is now available for Merseyside schools to experience the miracle of life first hand. It is a superb tool for teachers, enriching Life Cycle studies from Foundation to KS4.


“The whole school was able to join in and we had a constant stream, not only of children but also parents, staff, dinner ladies and siblings pouring through the class daily!” St Mary’s School, North Mimms, Hertfordshire

“Children developed understanding of life cycles and it supported the writing of stories instructions and posters, all of which stemmed from having the chicks in school.” Weeton Primary School, Weeton, Preston


Living Eggs Ready Hatch is a two week comprehensive programme providing all you need to successfully hatch chickens in your classroom.

Embryo eggs are provided, 2-3 days from hatching so there is no need to wait 3 weeks. The eggs are candled prior to delivery to ensure the highest possible success rate.

The Living Eggs incubators are specially designed for classroom hatching. An electronic thermostat ensures accurate temperature control for a high hatch rate. The large viewing windows allow the children to see all stages of hatching.

A brooder box complete with heat, light, bedding, feed and a water dispenser is supplied which allows teachers and children to care for the chicks and enjoy easy observation and access to the chicks.

A comprehensive instruction manual is supplied with the kit detailing all aspects of the programme.

Superb Teachers Resources are supplied on a CD with the kit, and are available 4 weeks before the experience via the internet to enable teachers to plan their lessons using the vast materials on offer linked to all areas of the National Curriculum.

Colourful posters are supplied depicting Life Cycles or Embryo Development depending on your pupils’ ages.

Living Eggs staff will deliver, set up for you and explain how equipment operates and will answer any queries you may have.

A helpline phone number is available 7 days a week to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. Once the programme is completed you are welcome to either keep the chicks or return them to Living Eggs for re-homing. Should you decide to keep the chicks, information is included on how to raise them.

Key information

  • All you need to hatch and raise chicks
  • Two week programme with website resources
  • FS-KS4
  • Mobile helpline available 7 days a week 


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Address: Unit 7, The Old Stables, Mill Lane, Burscough, L40 5TJ
Telephone: 01704 264064
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