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In 2003, after 15 years as Education Officer with Essex Wildlife Trust, wildlife presenter Martin Rapley launched Experience Science Live! Utilising his vast knowledge and experience developing and delivering educational programmes, he now presents a unique range of science shows including The Big Bug Experience and the Reptiles and Amphibians Show in schools, museums etc. throughout England.

“Thank you for yet another totally brilliant day. All the children who saw your Reptiles and Amphibians were thrilled. So much enjoyment and enthusiasm, so inspiring. A must see spectacular that I recommend to whoever wants an utterly entertaining and educational day. I look forward to your next visit eagerly as do all the children!” - Tim Hall, Head of Science, Breckland Middle School, Suffolk

He founded Experience Science Live! in 2003 to deliver a whole range of animal and nature shows and activities to schools, museums and events and works with around 50,000 children in schools and another 30,000 children and adults at events each year! The shows allow pupils the chance to closely observe and in some cases handle a wide variety of bugs and animals and to learn many fascinating facts about them.

Shows include:

The Big Bug Experience - featuring at least 10 different bug species from around the world - a 45 to 60 minute show usually including: Scorpions - Tarantula -Giant Millipedes – Giant Centipede - Giant Cockroaches - Prickly Stick insects – Giant stick insects - Flying stick insects and more!

Reptile & Amphibians Show - as seen at The Natural History Museum, and the Science Museum. Pupils can observe and learn the difference between reptiles and amphibians usually including: Rat snakes, Bearded dragon, Green Iguana, Leopard gecko, Tree frog, Fire salamander, Fire bellied toad, and Cane toad.

Minibeasts Live! - An indoor minibeast hunt in your school hall. Pupils can hunt for woodland bugs in real leaf litter. Live minibeasts such as ground beetles, rove beetles, snake millipedes, pill millipedes, centipedes, flat woodlice, pill woodlice, garden snails and more will be brought to your school for children to find in leaf litter.

Animal Kingdom Live! - covering Classification/Sorting - Adaptation - Life processes - Feeding – Habitats and featuring Reptiles - Lizard / Rat snakes Mammals - Harvest mouse / Martin Birds - 'Tiny' the miniature Cockerel Amphibians- Frog / Toad / Salamander Insects - Praying mantis / Stick insect Arachnids - Emperor Scorpion / Mexican red knee tarantula. Plenty of WOW factor.

Key information

  • Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society
  • Suitable all Key Stages
  • Flexible/Interchangeable Shows
  • Engaging hands on experience
  • Single class or whole school sessions 

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Telephone: 01255 863812
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, Home Counties, East

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