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Telephone: 020 8522 1950

IROKO Theatre Company was founded in 1996 by Alex Oma-Pius FRSA. Alex trained as an actor and director at The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. He has worked extensively as a performer and director and his credits include work with the BBC and the Royal Shakespeare Company. IROKO was formed to enhance the understanding and appreciation of African culture and arts within society.

“I was so happy to have this opportunity to introduce the girls to the art of oral storytelling because it offers such a rich combination of literature, music and drama. Your performance was the perfect example of those three areas put together in a most successful way.” - Head of Middle Years Program, Marymount Int’l School

IROKO's fundamental principle is that its work should have a meaningful effect in the lives of young people and should educate, empower, motivate and inspire, while also being fun. The company also use traditional African theatre art forms as a vehicle for facilitating learning and self-development particularly amongst children and young people.

IROKO Storytelling Performance brings traditional African fables to life using storytelling techniques, drama, music, songs, dance and appropriate games. This can be followed with workshops in any or a combination of art forms.

INSET for Teachers introduces ways to enhance the selfesteem, self-confidence and creative imagination of pupils or help develop language and communication skills of pupils whose first language is not English. It also enhances the training of drama, dance and music tutors in minority arts and inspires and equips them with new ideas for their work.

Special Needs Workshops use the arts to tackle prejudices that disability often engenders and offers opportunities to the disabled to participate and express themselves in mainstream activities that are normally inaccessible.

Storytelling/Drama Workshops introduce participants to elements and techniques of traditional African storytelling.

Traditional African Music Workshops introduce participants to various styles of traditional African music, using a range of traditional musical instruments to leave participants uplifted, inspired and motivated.

African Dance Workshops introduce different types of African dance and their historical and cultural backgrounds.

Introduction to African Theatre & Drama introduces participants to elements of African theatre and uses African theatre methods to explore scripts or plays from other cultures or to devise work on any subject of particular interest to participants.

Tie & Dye Workshops introduce traditional African ways of creating patterns on fabric using natural materials like plain cotton and dyes derived from natural materials (leaves, grass, clay etc). Participants learn methods of folding fabric and using dyes to achieve vibrant colours/effects.

Clay Modelling Workshops explore different traditional ways of clay modelling e.g. African mask-making techniques; Traditional African coil-pot techniques; Sculptural techniques; Coil-for-coil techniques and Jewellery making/design.

Family Fun Day/Evening – a hands-on music and movements workshops for families. Songs, chants and games are used to bring workshops alive. Families leave the workshop uplifted and motivated by the opportunity to bond together in a relaxed, fun-filled and non-judgemental environment

Key information

  • Special projects design to tackle any subject
  • Teaching all aspects of African arts
  • Special needs sessions
  • Inset training days
  • Family fun days

Additional Information

Address: IROKO Theatre Co., 1 Mark St, Statford, London E15 4GY
Telephone: 020 8522 1950
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, The North, Yorkshire, North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, East, Greater London, Home Counties, South West, Wales

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