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Seby Ntege is a gifted, enthusiastic musician and dancer from Busoga, eastern Uganda. A master of instruments from his African heritage including amadinda (xylophones), endingidi (tube fiddle), engoma (African drums), enkwanzi (panpipes), endongo (thumb piano) and also a choreographer of different African dance styles.

Seby runs music and dance workshops in schools around the country, as well as community workshops and performances. He formed a 21 man band, Embaire International, to play a 21 giant key xylophone and performing for the Her Majesty the Queen at Westminster Abbey. Seby has worked with Kiki Dee and Brian Adams among others and performed at WOMAD and the Royal Albert Hall. He also took part in ‘Motherland’, a dance production by Sampad that toured 28 UK cities in commemoration of the 200th aniversary of the abolishment of the slave trade.

He is the director of Drum Arts Ngoma, a London based African dance group working with young people who enhance their skills and learn traditional arts from their own or other cultures, culminating in stage performances. Drum arts Ngoma works with and also represents highly talented and professional performing artists with extensive experience and knowledge in Bollywood, Afro-contemporary, Capoeira, Brazilian samba and Indian classical dance styles.

Workshops are designed to suit children of all ages and abilities from beginners to advanced. They encourage involvement and fun while developing self-esteem, confidence and team work. They aim to create a sense of personal belonging, celebration and transition into African culture and values through dance. Their dances range from high energy dances like Amagunju to graceful and gentle dances like Ekizino. All dance workshops are accompanied by a set of professional drummer musicians. Children are provided with costumes and learn the history of the dance and rhythms which, in turn, gives them an understanding of traditional life and culture in Africa.

Drum workshops centre on team building with all the children working together. The emphasis is on the traditional role of African drums as the main means of communication. Children are taught how to play and communicate through drum calls with different musical  interpretations. Depending on their ages, some will be introduced to rhythms and others given the chance to enhance their rhythmic knowledge and improvisation skills. Drums and all other musical instruments are provided.

Key information

  • African dance and drumming.
  • Traditional Multi-cultral dance forms
  • All ages and abilities
  • Carnival days
  • Drums and dance costumes provided


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