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Telephone: 0845 652 1736

Aerial Extreme is much more than an Adventure Ropes Course. They offer a range of programmes including a tailor made developmental programme to suit your specific requirements. Affordable and dynamic programmes make Aerial Extreme a popular choice with schools both for curriculum based development or fantastic fun days out.


“Many of the children’s confidence was built up tremendously by having excellent guidance, expertise, and humour from the superb instructors!”  Headteacher, Merseyside


Adventure rope course – one of the largest adventure ropes courses in the UK and ideal for all age groups. This activity builds confidence and the sense of achievement is both exhilarating and rewarding.

Jacobs Ladder – will test teamwork, trust and communication to the full as each ‘step’ on the giant ladder is increasingly further to reach than the one before.


Leap of faith - develops trust, motivation and personal confidence, with the ‘ultimate challenge’ in the memories of most participants. Climb to the top of a 10m telegraph pole, stand on a tiny platform and jump across the void to the trapeze bar.

High all aboard - Teamwork and trust are high on the agenda as four people at a time climb to the top of the 10m telegraph pole to stand on a 12 inch square platform, where space is of a premium! Once there they need to link arms and lean back with just their toes on the edge.

Climbing wall – for experienced or novice climber to exceed their expectations, by setting a target and surpassing it. 

Power fan - Step off at 14m and experience the high speed drop. This spectacular activity allows students to explore new boundaries.

Team tasks - A variety of ground based tasks designed to teach skills such as communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork. Every task can be facilitated to deliver a variety of outcomes, all within a fun and challenging environment.

Extreme Safety Aerial Extreme generates a euphoric sense of achievement by pushing students outside their comfort zone and allowing a perceived sense of risk. In reality the risk is minimal as Aerial Extreme employ safety measures that are second to none. Their high ropes courses are built by the most experienced constructors in the UK and they have pioneered a revolutionary safety system called Expoglider® which is a personal continuous belay system that allows the user to pass from obstacle to obstacle, without having to unclip from the safety cable above.


Key information

  • Superb school packages available
  • Flexible programming to suit your needs
  • Students develop teamwork, communication, self-esteem and much more
  • A fun, educational 1-day solution for groups of 12 to 100+ students
  • Comprehensive safety regime

Additional Information

Address: Aerial Extreme @ Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot, Merseyside L34 4AN
Telephone: 0845 652 1736
The area/s in which this provider is available are:North West

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