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A Life provides Educational Healthy Workshops, Fitness Sessions and Alcohol & Drugs Awareness for schools. Our hands-on, curriculum-based activities support your school’s PSHE, Science and PE curriculum and are ideal for your health week, science week or health and wellbeing week. Sessions are age appropriate (Nursery to Year 8) and flexible, accommodating up to 65 children in a session.



A-life healthy workshops include around 20 hands-on, games-based healthy activities that are fun, safe, and educational. Each activity teaches pupils about their bodies and is connected to the curriculum for PSHE, Science or PE and involves strong links with many other subjects across the curriculum.

Recognising that children learn in many different ways, our wide range of healthy school activities should suit even the most diverse class (including special needs).

Topics include: a balanced diet, exercise, healthy teeth, hygiene, 6-8 glasses of water, importance of sleep, 5-a-day, Olympics, nutritional values, lifestyles past and present, traffic light system, where food comes from, how food grows, medicines & household safety, consequences and effects of smoking, drugs and alcohol as well as eating too much sugar, salt and fat in junk food and more.

The A-life activity stations have been carefully designed to teach children in a fun and memorable way, requiring them to work as a team and developing their reading and comprehension skills as well as learning new facts and information.

Your A-life coach will set up approximately 21 activities depending on the size of the hall. There will always be plenty of activities available for groups to move around, learning as independent groups. The staff and coaches will be there to support the groups and back up deeper learning.

A-life advise that KS1 have as much adult or older pupil support for help with simple reading and to allow the younger pupils to get a greater understanding about their body from the workshop.

A-life welcome parents support during the workshops (if the school allows), as they have the main influence on their children’s lifestyle choices.


Some of the skills we expect pupils to develop during an A-life session:



- Reading

- Following Instructions

- Processing Information

- Evaluation

- Logical thinking

- Arranging/Organising

- Listening

- Observation

- Concentration

- Decision Making

- Communication

- Spatial Awareness

- Reasoning

- Cultural Differences

- Creative thinking

- Evaluation Skills

- Teamwork

- Literacy/Numeracy

- Personal and social interaction


Pupils will also gain an understanding of:

  • How to keep their heart and lungs healthy.
  • The benefits of exercise and a wider appreciation of alternative active pursuits.
  • How being active can be fun and does not necessarily have to involve sport!
  • Alternative food choices.
  • The harmful effects of smoking and alcohol and the dangers of some medicines for KS1
  • What constitutes a balanced diet and why it is important.
  • Effects of lifestyle choices on health and well being.
  • How to interact with an adult who is not their teacher.
  • The A-life programme requires children to work in teams through a number of tasks and challenges incorporating many aspects of the SEAL programme.
  • Independent learning as part of a small group


A-life fitness sessions will typically follow on from an Educational Healthy Workshop (in the afternoon or next day) but can also be either separate sessions or be before the workshop. They are split into KS1 and KS2, to maximise the fun factor for the children, making them appropriate for the different ages and abilities. KS1 take part in Fun Group Fitness and KS2 enjoy Active Circuits. (For more details on these, please click on the links below.)

Our A-life coaches have excellent training and experience to deliver the fitness sessions in a fun, active and memorable way, keeping the children engaged, enjoying themselves and improving their fitness at the same time! (Please also see Staff PE Training.)



2010-2011 figures show over 5,000 teenagers are admitted to hospital every year for alcohol-related reasons.


The schools we visit enjoy the way the A-life coaches deliver our sessions and we have been asked by a number of schools to run sessions on the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Consequently, following some in-depth research and training, we are pleased to now offer a dedicated lesson to Alcohol and Drugs Awareness. The lesson takes the form of a powerpoint presentation, discussion and hands-on teaching aids that demonstrate the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking in an informative, safe and memorable way.

Due to the interactive nature of these sessions, they work best in smaller groups than the Educational Healthy Workshops, so we ask for one class at a time in the classroom. We can cater for 60 pupils in one session but there would be less interaction and benefit for the pupils.

What A-life require from the school:

  • Classroom or hall with a screen
  • Projector for use with power point


“I feel moved to write to you to express how impressed I am with the impact that the A-life health week activities has had on Harry…. A-life’s motivational genius has achieved more in a week than I have managed in 7 years and I am so thankful for it. Please let A-life know they have worked magic on my son.” Parent from St Andrews School, Eastbourne (Years R-2)

"I would highly recommend A- life. The interactive ‘healthy lifestyle’ workshop and fitness session were both of a high standard and provided many elements of the science, PSHE and PE curriculum in a way we would not have been able to deliver as a school. The coaches were excellent… I will definitely be booking A-life again. The sessions were great value for money, well planned and resourced, inspiring, challenging and created enthusiasm amongst the pupils – just what we were hoping for!” Helen Rushton, Assistant Head teacher, Frith Manor Primary school, North London (R-6)

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